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[Updated 2019] 20 Best Kali Linux Tutorials for Beginners

Finding a good Kali Linux tutorial on the internet can be a tough task. A good tutorial will be easy to digest and also cover topics worth learning.  Finding such resources can take hours of your time. Many beginners scavenge for an excellent and meaningful Kali Linux tutorial with no avail. However, what advantages are there to mastering Kali Linux?

Uses of Leaning Kali Linux:

Kali Linux is an excellent platform for Hackers. Many hackers are migrating to the platform. The OS comes with plenty of tools to help hackers penetrate a system and offer a wide variety of tools.

Overall if you have detailed knowledge of how a system works, then through Kali Linux you can easily penetrate the security levels and make it function in a non-intended way.

I already covered, a topic on How to become an ethical hacker so you can check that out if you are curious. You may also like: 5 Automated Tools Ethical Hacker Should Use.

Regardless, now that you are enthusiastic about learning Kali Linux, here are some of the best Kali Linux tutorials to help you get started.

Best Kali Linux Tutorials for Beginners

1. Getting Started with Kali Linux — As you should understand from the name itself, the video is dedicated to helping you download and learn how to set up the basic Kali Linux.

2. Kali Linux Hacking Tutorials at OpenTechInfo Here you will learn everything you need to know on how to get started with Kali Linux. Furthermore, the site will also get your familiar with basic concepts of hacking.

3. 20 Things to Do After Installing Kali Linux —  An excellent article to help you get started with Kali Linux.

4. [Not Working Anymore]Hack Any Wifi Password Using Kali Linux [Video] — Who hasn’t dreamt of doing this? Maybe you already have. But check out how you can do this with Kali Linux.


5. Hacking a WPA/WPA2 Protected Wireless Network Using Kali Linux [Video]– Now if you are having fun hacking all those wireless networks, then take it a step further with this tutorial.


6. Sniffing With Kali Linux [Video]– The above videos discusses how to hack a wireless network. Here you will learn how to get information out from such a network.

7. Man in the Middle Attack Using Kali Linux — Man in the middle attack is associated with the transmission channels. In this tutorials, you will learn how to do man in the middle attack using the Kali Linux OS.

8.Hacking Tutorials – Their Kali Linux section — The basic purpose of using Kali Linux is for hacking. This website will help you get familiar with all sorts of hacks you can do with Kali Linux.

9. Pentester Certification Course: Lite Edition [Course] — The course is available through Udemy. With over 16 lectures and 2 hours of content, you can grab a good understanding of Kali Linux. You can also go for the full version and become certified that you know Kali Linux.

10. Kali Linux – Assuring Security By Penetration Testing  [Book] — If you like reading books then keep this by your side. You will thank me later.

11. Kali Linux Tutorial — Security by Penetration Testing– If you don’t like reading books, then watch this video. But I would recommend the Book.

Need even more… Here is the last entry on the list.

12. Kali Linux Tutorials — A complete site dedicated to finding useful Kali Linux tutorial. With the range of tutorials available on this website, you can easily start mastering the operating system.

13. Kali.org — This is another website filled with great resources involving Kali Linux.

Update: They have written more tutorials, and you should check out what they have to offer when it comes to Kali Linux.

[More Links and Videos] – Update 2019

We know you have been looking for more tutorials all the time, that’s why I am going to update more links and tutorials.

Best Kali Linux Tutorials for Beginners

14. Learn Ethical Hacking With Kali Linux by Edureka

15. Complete Kali Linux Tutorial For Ethical Hacking by the age of Technology

16. Ethical Hacking Using Kali Linux Tutorial by Code Once


17. Tutorial Point Kali Linux Tutorial – They have a basic tutorial on Kali Linux. Here you can learn about penetration testing, forensic tools and much more!

18. Kali Linux Tutorials for Beginners – If you are into full-fledged tutorials, then you can take the beginners course for Kali Linux by Hackers Academy on Udemy.

19. Kali Linux Hacking Tutorial by OpenTechInfo.com The guide lets you start your Kali Linux journey.

20. GB Hackers Tutorial

Last, but not the least you can check out GBHackers guides and tutorials.

Wrap Up

Hacking is an art, and it is tough. And just running some tools doesn’t make an individual a hacker. But, it will help you understand the mechanisms and compliment your hacking know how once you know it. The word “hacker” is a relevant term and requires more effort regarding skills and other forms of ideas that make you a real hacker.

There is no end to the knowledge that you can learn online. Kali Linux is a big thing offering more than 300 tools for hacking and pen testing systems. So, the only way to keep learning is never to stop.

By the way, while you keep on learning and find that we missed an excellent learning resource then do remember to tell us. The comment section below is provided to allow you to share your knowledge with fellow readers.

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