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10 Online JavaScript Editors for Web Developers

Online JavaScript Editors that are useful are hard to find. Today, we will list the online javascript editors that will make your work super-easy and productive.

JavaScript is one of the leading Web Scripting languages and it is mainly used in manipulating the DOM elements to give websites interactivity. On the other hand, finding JavaScript editors can be time-consuming and not a great thing to do. That’s why, I will list the best Online JavaScript Editors for the developers who love to work with JavaScript.

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What’s the benefit of using Online JavaScript Editor?

There are many benefits of using JavaScript. Some of them are listed below:

  • You can write JavaScript code directly within the browser.
  • No need to switch tabs or open an IDE, improving productivity.
  • Can see live updates directly into your browser, making experimentation fun and easy.
  • Debugging also becomes easier due to the live updates.
  • The Online JavaScript Editors also come with other features such as Git, split window, code completion, console and other. All these features make coding JavaScript fun and rewarding.
  • Can also code in different languages such as HTML or CSS, enabling you to do complete projects within the browser.

With all these benefits mentioned, there is no point in not using an online JavaScript Editor. So, why the wait? Let’s list both free and paid Online JavaScript Editors.

1. JSFiddle

JSFiddle is the most famous online JavaScript editor. There are many reasons for its supremacy among the JavaScript editors. First, it user-interface is easy and intuitive. The 2nd reason is the support for almost all the famous JavaScript libraries. With the support of CoffeeScript and other popular JavaScript library, JSFiddle is eventually the ultimate home for JavaScript lovers.

Other powerful feature is collaboration and is powered by TogetherJS. With collaboration, you can call up your buddy and solve a complex problem. You can also share the link publicly so that others can join and collaborate with your project.

The project can be saved or forked. The URL generated by saving the project is unique and can be used in many different ways.

JSFiddle also comes with JSHint to clean and verify your code.


2. CodePen

CodePen comes closer to JSFiddle with an amazing capability to support HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The free version offers some customizability including HTML preprocessor, CSS preprocessor and JavaScript preprocessor. You can also see all the code live after penning your code down into the editor.

Overall, CodePen is amazing and the option to see other work will make you a better Web developer.



3. Cloud9

I have used Cloud9 in the earlier days, but now it have evolved into a full-blown online environment. Cloud 9 have one thing that makes it so much wantable compared to other options, the collaboration option.

Apart from collaboration, it offers support for different programming languages and environments. The most popular ones are Ruby on Rails, WordPress, Django, Nodejs and others.

Each account gets a ubuntu mounted in the cloud with full privileges. Using resources are limited and if you need more resources, you can just jump into the paid version of the service. I found it very useful and also learned PHP with my girlfriend. The collaboration really helps the team to leverage the benefits even when they are not in the same room.


4. Application Craft

Application Craft is one the best online editors for coding in general. The service is not free, but you will get a 45-day long free trail. And after that you need to just pay $14 per month.

The editor is rich in feature and can be used to deploy a complete application. The application developed using service is completely cross-platform. The service is also great at developing prototypes. Overall, a great option.


5. Koding

Koding is a cloud platform that enables developers to code on the move. The Koding platform is great for coding in any language. It can be JavaScript, Python, Go, PHP, Ruby and others.

The platform also enables developers to use docket, WordPress, Android HTML5 App and so much with investing a single penny!

The cloud-based platform is great for developers as the a complete virtual machine is allocated for the use of the platform.


6. Compilr

Compilr is one of the best online editors I have come across. The service is run by and acts an initiative to their amazing courses that they provide.

The online editor and sandbox is completely free and you can learn to code in a variety of programming languages including JavaScript and others.

The website runs on cross-browser and has an intuitive interface.



Nitrous is one of my favorite cloud platform coding platforms. Similar to koding, it offers you a complete virtual machine with Ram and hard disk space. You can choose to work with different programming languages and platform.

My experience with Nitrous has been great. The collaboration part could have better. Also, you will be limited to some extent. The Nitrous Pro acts as the right  choice for the experienced ones.

Nitrous also offers a desktop application which can be used in collaboration with your favorite desktop editor and it is regularly synced with the cloud offered by Nitrous.


8. Rendera

Rendera is a free online coding application. Currently, the application is limited to only HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. You can also view the changes live.

You can also save and export all your work to your desktop or any other place. A great place for small experimentation.


9. JS Bin

JS Bin is similar to JS Fiddle. The web application is completely JavaScript-based. As usual, you can use HTML and CSS with the JavaScript. The output is shown on the right side of the editor.

With live updates, you can easily experiment with the tool.


10. CodeEnvy

CodeEnvy is slightly off the position name, but who care about the name if it enables the coders to create great JavaScript based applications? The answer lies within the immense success of the platform as it raised over $9 million funding.

CodeEnvy comes in both free and paid versions. The paid versions all depends on the resources you are going to gobble during your usage.


Wrap Up

Compiling Online JavaScript Editors was a fun task for me. I love to compile things that are useful for the readers of the website. With so much at stake, I might have missed few ones? Comment below and let us know. I will add them to the list and make the article super-awesome(just like JavaScript).

Also, share the article to your friends!

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