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More than 110,000 Facebook Users infected in last 2 days by Facebook Magnet Malware

Porn substitutes almost 30% of the traffic, way back in 2012 and after two complete years, the numbers are surely on the rise. With the advent of Social Network sites like Facebook, Google+ and others, the porn sites are taking advantage of the platform and posting lots of links worldwide to get traffic to their porn site.


Porn click bait is common practice and hackers use it to their advantage on the daily purposes. The latest malware that is a porn link bait has already claimed more than 1,10,000 Facebook profiles in last 2 days. The malware Trojan can infect anyone who tries to download the Flash player suggested by the video.

Privacy has already been down the drain and with this malware, Facebook users can loose their whole profile in the matter of minutes. Once, you have lost your Facebook account, the new jacked Facebook account will serve as the new malware sharing machine, posting on the friends walls, further increasing the malware to non-infected members.

The current rate of friends tagged by the malware is 20.

The mailing list hosted at seclists.org provides more information about the behavior of the malware. It is currently classified as “Magnet“. The facebook magnet malware works by tagging random 20 members of the post and then harnesses their friends presence to infect more nodes in the Facebook network.

The page on Full Disclosure reads as follows:

In the new technique, which we call it “Magnet”, the malware gets more visibility to the potential victims as it tags the friends of the victim in a the malicious post. In this case, the tag may be seen by friends of the victim’s friends as well, which leads to a larger number of potential victims. This will speed up the malware propagation.

Further information on the page reveals that the malware is capable of hijacking your keyboard and mouse movements.

The malware is able to hijack keyboard and mouse movement (at initial investigation)

The workings of the Facebook magnet malware is simple; once you click the link, it sends you to the malicious website, where you are told to install a flash update for playing the video. Most of the users think that they seriously need a flash update and go on with the process. This leads the malware to install itself on the host computer and post magnet links on their profile, tagging 20 friends.

The malware in addition to posting to your Facebook profile, also installs a trojan horse inside your machine, leading to mouse and keyboard hijack.

Processes like chromium.exe are infected and acts as a keylogger.

Facebook on the other hand in investing and has said to implement automated systems to counter malware.

These malware are dangerous, so does not know who is trying to steal your information.

Keep yourself safe and do not click any porn video on Facebook!

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