12 Blogging Tips That You Didn’t Knew Until Now

Blogging is the art of presenting information online to enrich the lives of the readers. And, this is where Blogging tips can help you achieve your dream. Blogging trade earns many bloggers their livelihood by using strategies for bloggers that doubles their chance of success. But, success rates of blogs are still on the low side. Most of them fail to capitalize the web market and the opportunity that lies in their hands.

The Internet is vast, and with the vastness, it is easy to get lost and become one of the inactive websites that warm the landscapes of the internet.

So, what should you do? Cut the cake into pieces and understand each piece accordingly? There are many rules in the rule book that can bring success to your blog. But, the chances that your blog will become a hit, is the patience that you carry, and learn the hard fact that “Success take time and hard work”.

12 Blogging Tips That You Didn’t Knew Until Now

Learn Two Languages — Be Bilingual


What’s better than one? Two! or Three! The science, behind learning more languages has kept the psychologist busy for most of their work.

According to the New York article, advantages of learning bilingual are substantial and will keep you in front of others in most of the life instances.

And, Why I am telling you to learn a new language that doesn’t impact your blogging skills directly? The reason is the increase in brain capacity to handle tasks with improved cognitive skills and task switching capacity.

Learning other languages can also give you insight to other cultures and their growth and struggles. This will surely benefit your blogging capacity to a greater extent.

Writing 2000+ Words Daily

Words are tricky; they keep flowing in once you start writing. The real reason most of the bloggers fail in the current economy is their speed of writing.

There are advantages of writing fast are many over slow-writing. This blog post from BloggingWizard, showcases all the tools and techniques need to write a blog fast.

Writing fast means meeting the deadlines; keeping the clients happy and increasing revenue, in the long run. Also, the sense of improvement is the key here. Using tools such as Evernote can also make the writing skills, more smooth and less brain resource hungry.

Now, you would surely be asking, what qualifies the upper limit? The answer can be tricky and it all depends on how much you can turn that doesn’t lead to exhaustion. Burning yourself to achieve a target that is going to cripple you for the next 2-3 days, isn’t a good idea.

The blogging strategy is to improve slowly. One-day achievements don’t last long.

Write, Write, Write! Chanted the Legends.

The only way to become a successful blogger is to write as much as you can(keeping the quality intact). There is no substitute for writing, and there should be a constant effort to improve both writing and quality skills. Always remember the Malcolm Gladwell ‘s 10000 hours practice to become an expert in any field.

Reading — An important part of Writing

Reading is an important part of Writing or vice-versa. Without reading comprehensively, you will never have the words to write and without writing comprehensively, you will never have the skill to read efficiently.

The notion of reading before writing is equivalent to researching a topic. The more you read, the more words juggle or capture your short-term memory/System-1(fast thinking). When the words and ideas are associated with the working memory, the more chances  your writing will be fluid and excellent.

So, How much you should read?

Generally, you should read 2-3 times more than you write. Even though, reading is not taxing like writing, many can find reading a tough task. The only way to break the glass is to read as much as you can.

The same notions can be associated with other skills such as coding. Coding is writing for the computer. And, it requires picking up languages that only computers understand. Another important aspect of reading, and analyzing code is understanding the way they solved the problem. In contrast, reading can also give insights on how different authors juggle words and phrases to create appealing content for their respective audience.

Reading fiction has its own benefits compared to reading non-fiction. This article from PsychologyToday discusses the effects of reading fiction. Another article from PsychCentral, emblems the fact that reading fiction can improve empathy. The effects of reading are immense and no one can deny this fact.

Another great article from TakingCharge discusses the impact of reading on stress.

Overall, Reading has lots of benefits including enhanced vocabulary, increased cognitive functioning and Writing skills. In short, reading is essential for the growth of any writer.

Understand both online and offline SEO


Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is the bread and butter of earning online. Writing for the search engine should not be the top priority of anyone out there, but the truth is different. Without people reading your blog posts, the content is useless and has no monetary value.

Yup, I do understand that creativity has no metric and good content always have the chance to get shared and go viral. But, long term earning from blogging is completely different ball-game.

There are many websites that teach you the benefit of Search Engine Optimization and there is no miracle out there. You need to follow the guidelines for creating wonderful content that is liked both by the search engines and the humans and it takes time.

If you are starting with a website that is fresh, it is quite tough to rank in its early days. But, don’t get disheartened as good things take the time to come and so does rankings.

Bring crazy ideas to life

Ideas are great, but they need someone to give them life. A blogger job is to constantly find an interesting topic and give an insightful post on that topic. A general topic can be great, but choosing to post a completely different angle of the topic can easily magnet lots of visitors.

People are on the internet for learning new things, getting exposed to ideas and solve their life problem. If you can make them feel that you have solved their problem, then you can easily win their hearts and gain a permanent visitor to your website. Retaining the visitors is a completely different problem and the most easiest solution for keeping visitors is to churn out new content that are worth reading and sharing.

Write Unique and Superb Content — Content is still the king.

Write, Write and Write.

The main motive for any website it to make the visitor feel at home. The website should have solutions to their problems, queries and might entertain them for a good amount of time.

With more than 300 google ranking factors, it is quite obvious that you are thinking for the SEO rather than the content. But, that’s the wrong way to approach the task at hand. SEO is important, but you cannot optimize your website for the 300 ranking factors. All you need to do is look at the key SEO ranking factors and concentrate on that. The rest of the attention should be given to the content that is published through your websites.

Many websites focus and content and they are earning a lot of money from their investment in content only. With content, backlinks can be gathered easily, which is one of the important ranking factors in Google ranking.

Create Controversies


If you see a controversial post on a popular website, you might think, how stupid are they? But, the truth is that controversial posts get the maximum attention from the readers. Controversial posts such as “Windows 10 sucks” or “Why Should You Not Use X Solution”, etc., provides the necessary traction that a website might need to rank higher and get viral as soon as possible.

The controversial posts will easily lead to harsh comments, but that is all for which they are at the first place.

Keeping the audience interested should be the number one priority for any webmaster. But, it is also a good idea not to share misinformed information. Misinformed information can easily lead to a loss of visitors or subscribers.

Stick to the expert niche — Marking your own boundaries

Expertise is one of most wanted skill in any trade. Are you a technical writer? In Android or in Windows? Pick one, and you are off to the a great start. People love insights and that’s can only be achieved by expertise.

With the online world booming with information, everyone is looking for information that can make them more productive in their work environment or at least solve their personal problems.

And, you can make yourself self-sufficient by helping people with your knowledge. If you can’t give them expert knowledge or know-how, you can solve trivial issues for them and become a part of their life.

The Power of Automation

blogging tips

Automation is by far the biggest topic of current IT industry and general consciousness.

People are afraid of automation taking over.

That’s a totally different topic. Right now, there is automation in almost everything. Technology is simplifying the work process of many individuals and you should also take advantage of the automation process.

So, you might ask how automation affects Blogging? Well, the idea is to make your workflow as simple as possible.

Spell checking tools such as Grammarly, Ginger, and others help you achieve the best result out of your writing. The tools are equally useful for both native and non-native writers. But, if you are non-native, you may find it more appealing and powerful.

Another useful tool to use for automation process is Google keyword and SemRush. There are many hundreds of tools that can simplify blogging and that’s a topic of some another day.

Use cool Typography for your blog

Typography is the single most powerful aspect of your blog that can make or break the deal with your visitor.

The question is, “Who doesn’t like good fonts?”.

Most of the latest themes comes with Google Font support if you are using WordPress. Other platforms and themes also offer customization option to change typography.

The bottom line is to take advantage of typography in your blog. Experiment until you fight the right combination.

Don’t use Complex vocabulary

There are many ways one can achieve the process of helping someone. But, there is a catch here. Whenever, I google, I want my problem being solved, and not the other way around. I don’t want to reach complex grammar and vocab and find myself in a position, googling stuff that the article just told me.

Believe me, no one wants to read your complex vocabulary.

Another matter of fact, the general audience doesn’t have a good grasp of English and will start avoiding articles that are tough to read.

So, always keep it simple. Use vocabulary, thinking that a class 10 student will read your article and you will be okay? No one hates simplicity..whereas unnecessary complexity is despised.

Find Audience, until Audience finds you!

New bloggers make a big mistake by not trying to find readers. Bloggers should reach out to different social networks such as Reddit, Facebook, Google, StumbleUpon.

I found this truth when my article, “How to become a hacker 2015” got viral on Stumbleupon and received over 10,000+ impressions. The starting point of virality is me adding it to the StumbleUpon network.

Virality is not only limited to StumbleUpon. Other networks are equally capable of providing the same result.

The only pre-requisite is to write viral content.

Wrapping Up

I hope you loved the blogging tips that I shared in the article. All the blogging tips are related to my own blogging career, so feel free to comment below and ask any question.

Blogging is a long path and one should not get discouraged from small failures. So, keep blogging each day.

Until next time.

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