25+ Free Awesome Ways To Learn HTML5 Online

Do you want to learn HTML5 Online?

HTML5 is one of the leading web technology and it is evolving at a rapid pace. With the rapid development of technology, learning HTML5 is one of the first steps, a budding web developer should take. If you are new to the web world, it is tough to find good resources to learn HTML5 Online.

There are many tutorials, websites, courses, books and other forms of learning material that are available online. But, which one to start learning from? Choosing a wrong platform can easily waste your crucial time. That’s why, today, we will be list the best resources to learn HTML5 Online.

The resources are great for beginners and soon we will come up with resources that are for an advanced audience. All the resources are hand-picked and are free to take. You don’t have to pay a single penny to get started.

Note: If you are just starting out on your journey of becoming a web developer or learning HTML5 online for fun, always remember that learning takes time, so it’s better to stick with the learning for a long period of time. As the best teachers out there always point of the fact that learning new things takes time and effort, the best way to learn is to make mistakes. So, if you are making mistakes then you are on the right path.

With the help of the resources, you can learn HTML5 from scratch. No previous programming experience is required from the resources that are listed here. The HTML5 online tutorials are taken by tons of already expert professionals and they constitute the best resources to learn html5 free.

Learn HTML5 Online Free For Beginners

Online Courses

1. Learn HTML5 Programming From Scratch 

A great course on HTML5, which is free to take. The course is hosted on udemy and currently, 161356 students are enrolled in the course. The course is instructed by Eduonix Learning Solutions and is completely free to take.

The course comprises of 46 lectures and 11 hours video. The medium of teaching is the English language.

The end result? You will be able to create a full-fledged HTML5 website. Most of the HTML5 techniques are used in the course. For example, Geo Location, drag and drop, web storage. Undoubtedly, a great course for beginners.

2. MVA HTML5 and CSS3 Fundamentals: Development for Absolute Beginners

Microsoft Virtual Academy has always been a house of development courses. The course hosted by the community will teach you how to develop websites using the HTML5 and CSS3.

The fact that you will learn CSS with HTML is indispensable. No site can stand without the siblings, HTML5 and CSS3.

The course has 21 lectures and you can take it at your speed. The MVA offers gamification, so you can also have fun racking up those points.

3. Udacity Introduction to HTML and CSS

If you are looking for an out of the world experience learning HTML and CSS, then you must try Udacity Introduction to HTML and CSS course. The course is aimed at complete beginners with no programming experience. The course has a large number of students. At the time of writing the number of students that are enrolled in the course is 78,096.

They will also show some glimpse of Bootstrap, a framework that is used for rapid development.

The course is taught by Cameron Pittman and Jessica Uelmen.

4. Learn HTML5 From W3C

Learning HTML5 is a fun activity and if you are learning it from the original developers then you can further enjoy the course. The HTML5 course from W3C is hosted on Edx platform and started on June 1st. In just a few days, it is grabbing the attention of many learners across the world.

The course will teach you to use basic HTML5 and use interactive examples to showcase how it is done.

5. HTML5 Game Development(Udacity)

Well, the course is not exactly a beginners course, but if you have done few of the above course, you can expand your knowledge into game development using HTML5. The course is taught by Google and offers a great opportunity for learners to learn about Game Development in HTML5.

The good news the course starts with a crash course so that you can jumpstart game development without wasting any time. But, I would recommend the beginners to do an introductory course before jumping on to the advanced stuff.

The course if taught by Colt McAnlis and Peter Lubbers.

6. CodeAcademy HTML

Code Academy has made a name for itself in the online learning world. With tons of funding going their way, there is no doubt that the platform is one of the best out there. The only difference from other courses that are listed above is the absence of videos.

But, they offer fully interactive editor with written instructions to make you an HTML5/CSS3 ninja. Currently, their HTML and CSS course have more than 4.5 million enrolled students and it can easily take you a minimum of 7 hours to complete the course.

I have completed the course way back when I was learning programming for the first time and I can tell you that this is one of the best ways for a beginner to learn about HTML and web development.

Free HTML5 Ebooks

1. A Guide to HTML5 and CSS3 – A new book released by HTML5Hive and authored by professional Ashley Menhennett.

2. Dive Into HTML5 — A popular HTML5 book,written by Mark Pilgrim. The free version can be read online and you can extract tons of useful lessons from this book.

3. HTML5 Doctor — Not exactly a book, but the articles are extremely detailed and you can actually read all of them one by one to become an HTML5 master.

Free HTML5 Tutorials

The following are the free HTML5 Tutorials that you will find useful in your quest to learn HTML5.

1. Beginner’s Guide To: Building HTML5/CSS3 Webpages

2. RoadMap To Coding With HTML5: Tutorials and Guidelines

3. HTML5 Tutorials

4. W3Schools – HTML5

5. Design A cool iPhone App in HTML5

6. HTML5 Doctor Article Archives

7. TutorialsPoint HTML5

8. HTML5andCSS3 Tutorials

9. HTML5 Rocks Tutorial

10. LevelUP Tutorials

HTML5 Resources

1. HTML5 Rocks — A great resources for creating value for your HTML5 Development. This resource book contains tutorials, documentation, books and much more.

2. HTML5 Doctor — HTML5 Doctor offers tons of resources for all level of expertise. Don’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert.

3. HTMLGoodies — The name suggests how the website can be useful for you and any other HTML5 learner.

4. HTML5 CheatSheet — Who doesn’t love cheat sheet? These cheat sheets are equally important for anyone who is trying to learn HTML5 online.

5. Chrome Experiments — The best way to learn anything is to look at other’s work. The Chrome Experiments is the home of all the amazing things that are built using HTML5. Check the site to know more!

6. TechAltair HTML Coverage — We are extensively beginning to cover HTML5 based resources, so keep reading to get the best resource to learn HTML5 online.

7. Mozilla Developer network — An extensive coverage of HTML5 on MDN network. The topics are discussed in details and MDN offers the best quality articles for HTML5 online.

And many more…

What to Expect Next: With so many resources, books, tutorials, courses available. We will cover each topic in the upcoming days so that right attention can be given to each one of them.

Why Learn HTML5 and Why Now?

HTML5 is the most basic technology in front-end development. Without the knowledge of HTML5, you can neither be a front-end developer or backend developer. But, we are not talking about little understanding of HTML5.

HTML5 Developers are those, who build full-blown applications just with HTML5 and the most amazing part of the job is that HTML5, itself can do it alone. The power of HTML5 has grown exponentially and due to the inclusion of techniques such as web storage, geolocation, and others, you can build amazing apps with it.

PhoneGap, for example, uses HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3 to create cross-platform applications with ease. There are other platforms that leverage the capabilities of HTML5.

Look at the search interest of HTML5 over the past six years. There is no doubt that is now come to a halt, but the numbers are surely on the higher side.

Learn HTML5 Online
HTML5 Interest Over Time For the Past 6 Years

With so much technology advancement, understanding the most fundamental language of the web can make all the difference. It’s high time to learn HTML5 and create the online world with your hands.

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