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5 Best GitHub Alternatives For Your Coding Projects

Are you looking for GitHub alternatives? Then, you have come to the right place. Finding  a GitHub alternative is sometimes necessary as GitHub comes with some restrictions and is not completely free. The free version of the GitHub only offers one private repository and sometimes it can be not enough for individuals like you and me.

Companies and organization may also want to cut costs by moving to a free GitHub alternative and hence improve their working environment. For propriety software development, it is necessary to find a free private GitHub alternative. The free alternative to GitHub offers them enough options to develop with freedom and create their own working environment where they do not have to worry about anything else.

Without wasting much time, let’s start the best alternatives to GitHub.

5 Top GitHub Alternatives For Your Coding Projects

1. BitBucket


The first choice that comes in my mind is BitBucket. It works very similar to GitHub and the coolest thing about the service is the fact that you can create as many private repositories as you can.

It works free until you have a team of 5 users or less. This can be more than enough for a small or medium scale startup who are looking to cut costs. It support both mercurial and Git and also support one simple static hosting.

2. GitLab


GitLab is a self-hosted GitHub alternative that you can use for collaborating on the code. The good thing about GitLab is that you can self-host and hence it is one of the best alternative to Github in most of the aspects.

It does have pricing for a larger team and they also have a dedicated page for discussing why GitLab is better than GitHub.

Feature wise it offers code reviews, activity feeds, git repository management, wikis, activity feed and more.

The pricing page discusses different plans it has to offer.

3. Kiln


The Kiln is an attractive alternative of GitHub, which offers distributed version control for Git and Mercurial. It also offers code reviews, proper project handling, activity tracking and of course version control.

To secure each transaction, they platform supports HTTPS, SSH and permission granting to different parts of the code.

It also offers FogBugz for capturing bugs and work without any interruptions.

4. SourceForge


The SourceForge is one of the oldest code repositories and is the home of hundreds and thousands of projects that you work with. It also has code handling, but not similar to GitHub. So, you might have to learn new things before you can take full advantage of SourceForge.

Similar to other code hosting platforms and distributed handling, SourceForge also has option to host one of your projects.

It has support for many different languages including Python, Perl, Tcl, Ruby and more.

5. CodePlane


With just $9 per month, you will get 2GB of Git repositories and unlimited users. Upfront, you can just use the service for a month and check out if it fits your bill. The only downside to CodePlane is the fact that you do not have the luxury to have free accounts. Everything is paid here, but I must say that this is one of the best alternatives to GitHub you can possibly get.

The price is cheap, i.e., $9 per month.

Wrap Up

I really enjoyed presenting you the 5 Best GitHub alternatives. With these alternatives, you are sure to have much better freedom. GitHub is surely one of the best code management repository, but due to lack of free plans, it can cripple some users or small startups.

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