Best Java Books that You Must Read

5 Best JavaScript Books You Must Read

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Recently, I am busy learning JavaScript and thought of sharing my experience with you all. JavaScript is world’s leading scripting language that is used to make dynamic websites. With more control over the DOM, developers can easily control the elements and make the magic happens in front of the eyes.

Today, I will go forward and list the best JavaScript Books that I have selected for my reading purposes. All the books are of high quality and few of them are available online.

So, why the wait? let’s start the countdown.

5 Best JavaScript Books You Must Read

1. Eloquent JavaScript

If you are a beginner and want to learn JavaScript from the ground up, then this book can act as a perfect candidate. The book is written by Marijn Havebeke.

You can read the book online, which offers interactive exercises.

For the readers, who love the book in their hands can also purchase the book from the bookstore. The hard copy of the book offers a bonus chapter. So, if you really love reading this book online, give the author some credit and buy the hardcopy from the bookstore.

The Online Book: Eloquent JavaScript

The HardCopy: Eloquent JavaScript

2. JavaScript: The Good Parts

Like every programming language, JavaScript also offers amazing features. The book, JavaScript: The Good Parts just does what the title says. The book is written by Douglas Crockford, a leading computer scientist, who is also active in JavaScript development. He is also active in the development of JS tools such as JSlint and others.

Douglas Crockford is famous for his insight and has presented it in the book. The book is targeted at slightly mature JavaScript audience. So, if you are just start with JavaScript, this book is not for you.

Buy the book from Amazon

3. JavaScript and jQuery: The Missing Manual

The Missing Manual by David Sawyer McFarland offers all the right mix of HTML, CSS and other web technologies. No web page is created without using all the technologies and hence this amazing guide will enable you to create amazing web pages and projects.

The projects will also help you understand user interface, data collection and more.

Buy the book.

4. High-Performance Web Site: Essential Knowledge for Front-End Engineers

Performance is necessary for current generation web application. This book offers great knowledge on how to improve the loading speed of the application. The book is not only limited to JavaScript, but it also offers great information to optimize CSS, HTML, Flash and images.

A must read book for any JavaScript Junkies.

Buy the Book.

5. JavaScript patterns by Stoyan Stefanov

Learning the best practices for coding is an essential skill for any coder out there. The book offers a great opportunity for the coders to learn the different types of templates for developing code. The code written in the book is targeted at all platforms including server, client and others.

Buy the book

Wrap Up

Today, we discussed the 5 Best JavaScript Books You Must Read. There are many books that could have made into the list, but I decided to keep the list short and sweet.

Do you have any book to add to the list? Comment below and let us know.

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