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5 Top Text Editors for Programmers

Text Editors are the old-age machine that is needed by all of us. Are you a programmer or a writer that is looking for the best text editors out there? We are here to help.

In the current web world, everything is going automated and all we love is to do visual work with less typing. But hard-core programmers/ethical hackers or writers cannot just visualize and the whole idea gets imprinted on the screen(the idea seems plausible for the technology to achieve, but until then we will stick with top text editors), and that’s why they need text-editors and lots of keyword munching to go with. The tick-tock sound helps the programmer or writer to be creative.

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5 Top Text Editors

Let’s start our journey to list 5 top Text Editors for programmers and writers.

1. Notepad ++ Text Editor


There is no doubt in my mind on how cool is the Notepad++ text editor. It enables the usage of notepad like features with advanced functionality at your disposal.

The text editor is free to use and is the best text editor for windows platform. Designers, Developers and Writers can use it as efficiently as another text editor in the market.

The Notepad++ supports both multi-view and multi-tab, which helps in increased productivity as more information is present on the screen. For the programmes, the tool supports syntax highlighters for many languages. It also supports auto-complete, drag and drop, bookmarking and macro elements.

  • Available for: Windows
  • Price: Free
  • Download: Notepad ++

2. Sublime Text

text editors

Having used Sublime Text 3 for my programming assignments, there is not much I have to say for Sublime Text. It is the best programming text editor for the programmers with tons for shortcodes for increased productivity.

Especially built for programming, the tool can also be used by writers as well.

There is a great course on Sublime Text 2 on Tutplus.

Features of Sublime Text

  • Supports multiple selections
  • GoTo
  • Command Palette for easy navigation
  • Distraction free mode for maximum concentration
  • Split Editing
  • Instant Project Switch and more.

Other Stats:

  • Available for: Windows, Linux, Mac
  • Price: Free
  • Download: Sublime Text

3. Brackets

brackets text editor

Brackets is the one of the best programming tools, specially built for the web designers. The highlighting of code is the best feature of the tool. On the other hand, the tool is open source and if you are thinking of changing how web designers code, contribute the project. Join Bracket here.

Brackets is one of the modern text editors with lots of features such as Live preview and inline editors. The tool also supports tons of popular extensions such as emmet, beautify etc.

Other Stats:

  • Available for: Windows, Linux, Mac
  • Price: Free
  • Download: Bracket

4. UltraEdit

UltraEdit is one of the best text editors in the market. The programmer can work on any language using the text editor. Ultra Edit is also known as the text editors for the programmers. Whether you work with HTML or PHP or even JavaScript, UltraEdit can handle them all. It also supports XML and currently there is a free trail availble for download.

UltraEdit Features:

  • Data/File Sorting
  • Integrated FTP and SSH/telnet
  • Can edit large files
  • Supports macros and scripts.
  • and many more.

Other Stats:

  • Available for: Windows, Linux, Mac
  • Price: Free/Paid (Both)
  • Download: UltraEdit

5. Atom

text editors

Atom is yet another excellent text editor for programmers. It’s small, sleek and awesome. The text editors can be used by both designers and developers. Currently, Atom offers tons of excellent features including support for node.js.

Another important feature of Atom editor is its hackability. According to the authors, the software can be hacked to the core, which is quite good for the hard-core programmers, as the saying goes, “they love to break things”.

The core of Atom is mainly web based but is rendered in a beautifully compelling package for the desktop environment. There are also tons of interface hacks that can build value to the front-end designers.

Other features worth mentioning:

  • Modular Design: Offers 50 open-source packages.
  • Supports file browser system
  • Clean UI preferences
  • Multiple panes.
  • and many more.

Other Stats:

  • Available for: Windows, Linux, iOS
  • Price: Free(OpenSource)
  • Download: Atom


The world of text editors is not small and there are tons of amazing text editors available online. The best text editors list is just an attempt to find out the most famous text editors out there.

Have an amazing text editor in mind? Comment below and share it with the TA Community.

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    What makes notepad++ better than sublime I used them both and they are about the same to me just asking thanks )

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