7 Best PHP Frameworks for Developers 2015

PHP Frameworks helps the developers to create web applications with ease and support. The need for a framework is always necessary for the current web development era. The idea is to not do the repetitive task or automate the tasks that need less attention.

Today, I will go forward to list the best PHP frameworks for developers. The frameworks will make your work easy and make you more efficient as PHP developer.

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PHP is one of the most used web development language. It offers excellent control of the server functionalities and frameworks built on top of PHP language improves the productivity of the developers.

The mantra is fast and agile development. So, let’s start our list with the best PHP frameworks for Developers.

Best PHP Frameworks for Developers

1. CakePHP

CakePHP is one of the best PHP frameworks for the developers. It is easy to learn and offers agile development. The latest release of version 3.0 makes the framework more functional with features such as enhanced component and helpers.

The most recent version also improves ORM interaction and makes vital use of modularity.


2. Phalcon

Phalcon is one of the fastest PHP framework. It clearly makes the use of C extension that is used deep inside the framework. The use of C extension also leads to the low resource consumption.

Similar to other PHP frameworks, phalcon supports MVC application and comes with features such as security, management, translations, etc.


3. Laravel

If you are looking for a framework that is the easiest to learn, then travel is what you should use. It utilizes all the modern development methodology and comes with the support of REST APi’s.

The code under the framework is well-tested and can be used to create robust web application. Authentication with he application is also great.


4. Yii Framework

The framework that works with the ideology of fast, stable and reliable is Yii framework. It is easy to develop a web application using the Yii framework and supports all the major web development features such as MVC pattern, DAO and ajax based widgets.

The framework can also be used to create Saas, Pass and other types of web applications.


5. Zend

Zend has seen the price of the most comprehensive PHP framework of all time. At the same time, it is also popular among the developer community.

With comparison to other framework, it supports enterprise ready frameworks to create applications that are demanding and requires all the modern web development practices.


6. CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter is one of those hidden gems that any developer will love. Similar to the laravel framework, it is easy to learn and create applications. It is also one of those frameworks that have extensive documentation and is concise when it comes to using the library.


7. Symfony 2.0

Symfony 2.0 is one of the best PHP framework. With the release of version 2.0, it has made many changes that reflect on how other successful projects have been built using the framework.

Drupal and phpBB are two fantastic examples of the extensibility and power of Symfony 2.0.

Symfony 2.0 is also the most downloaded framework out there.

best php frameworks

Wrap Up

There are many other frameworks that could have made the list easily, but I want to keep the list succinct and precise. All the frameworks listed here are popular and are widely used by the PHP developers.

Which one of the frameworks listed you use? Did, I miss any framework of great importance? Comment below and let us know!

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