8+ Free PHP Editor For Web Developers

Free PHP Editor is what bring you here. Right? Recently, I listed the 7 Best PHP IDE for Developers and Programmers. The list comprised of some of the best PHP Editors/IDE. But, not all of them are free and comes at a price. The urge to use a Free PHP Editor that works without any disadvantages over the paid ones is natural. Not everyone can purchase PHP Editors/ IDE for the cost and it becomes more difficult when they just start their journey.

Today, I will go through Free PHP Editor list. All the editors are handpicked and are scanned for their “free” tag. Before starting the article, I always make sure that Sublime Text gets a special mention as it is free and not free. It shows a nagging notification and offers all the features and you still don’t have to purchase the full version.

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Keeping the good heart of Sublime Text Team and the CEO, I would recommend anyone who loves Sublime Text to buy it and support the developers.

So, why the wait? Let’s start the list.

Free PHP Editor For Web Developers

1. NotePad++

NotePad++ is the best PHP editor and it is available for free. Not only you can write PHP code, you can easily code other IDE’s without much problem.

NotePad++ offers elevated functionality compared to the vanilla notepad that comes bundled with Windows. The editor is open source and comes under GPL license.

This simple but powerful editor is written in C++ and hence is  fast and compatible with different Operating systems. The current version of the Notepad++ is


2. Context Editor

A simple editor to make you type code faster with minimal distraction. It is free and available to download in portable and desktop version.

You can use the editor for coding in PHP and other programming languages. A small beautiful devil, perfect for coders.


3. BlueFish

BlueFish is perfect for web development and can be used to write websites, scripts, and any code of your preference.

Some of the notable features of Bluefish is lightweight, fast, multiple document interface, support for remote file transfer through protocols such as FTP, HTTP, SFTP, and others.

The interface of BlueFish is clean and simple and it falls under the open source license. The free PHP editor is available for multiple platforms including Linux, windows, MacOS-X.


4. PHP Editor 2.22

PHP editor is one of those editors that favors PHP languages. Still, you can use it to code in other languages including JavaScript, Java, HTML and others.

It offers PHP manual integration and comes with an internal browser. Furthermore, the editor offers a small web server for all your testing needs.

5. Sublime Text

Sublime Text is my favorite. It is free and only comes with a nagging notification. The free PHP editor is powerful and offers great control over your code.

Other than PHP, you can use it for coding different languages. For more reading about Sublime Text, please visit 7 Best PHP IDE for Developers and Programmers. I covered Sublime Text in detail there.


6. Atom

Atom is completely open source text editor that is quite modern and can be customized without any problems. It offers great control over functionalities with a support of plugin integration.

You can chip in with different programming languages and really love this editor. Perfect for PHP coding.

PHP Editor

7. Bracket

Another great free PHP editor that makes coding fun. Similar to Atom, it is also free, modern and open source. You can easily build a complete web application using the editor.

The Bracket is mainly targeted at designers and they will have great fun using the editor. It is free, lightweight and comes with tons of extensions.


8. JEdit

JEdit editor is programmers editing tool. It supports different languages and comes with tons of extensions.

Wrap Up: Which Editor To Choose?

The choice of editor is completely a preference than anything else. With editors coming with tons of extensions, it is always wise to choose an editor that can help you to code better.

My personal choice among the editors is NotePad++, Sublime Text, and Atom.

What’s your favorite editors? Let’s us know in the comment below. Also, do you think, I missed an important editor?

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