How to Avoid Being Hacked on Facebook

How to Avoid Being Hacked on Facebook

You must have read countless harrowing stories about Facebook users whose accounts were hacked recently, resulting in them losing their personal information. Well, you may not be aware of how convenient it is for hackers to steal your personal information. According to a recent survey, teenagers are the most attractive targets for hackers. In 2011, 30% of the total accounts hacked belonged to teenagers.

What could be the motivation behind this move? Well, a firm opinion may be that they love doing this, or they might be making some cash from selling your personal information. The second opinion seems more logical, and that’s the case, in fact. Hackers sell your personal information to corporations, who on their end use that information to customize offers according to your needs and preferences. This does not appear to be wrong since it turns out to be in your favor eventually. But, what you do online is your personal business, and no one should be allowed to invade your personal space. It’s your right!

How to Avoid Being Hacked on Facebook

So hackers are the only ones you should be afraid of while securing your Facebook? Oh, wait! Here come surveillance agencies like FBI, NSA, and CIA, etc. The Edward Snowden saga made it obvious and thankfully clear that our online presence is not secure at all and these agencies constantly keep track of our activities. It’s still a mystery why they’re acting like insecure brats. That being said, it’s your personal responsibility to protect your personal information on Facebook and take immediate but effective measures to do so. Here are some tips that will prove helpful for you to protect your Facebook account from hackers and surveillance agencies:

Use Strong Passwords

Hackers are busy people. They don’t have a comfy life, like us. So if you will make it easy for them to break into your security, they’ll prefer you, but if you make the process time consuming, they’ll just pass on. So, always remember, the best passwords are the ones that are difficult to guess. Also, keep it long and use uppercase and lowercase both. Well, if you will try a length one, it will be difficult to remember as well. So, keep it safe somewhere you believe it’s safe. It’s not a hard fought rule to remember your password as you can set a new one by clicking forget password link. And, always remember to set as many protection shields as possible to keep hackers guessing.

Change is good

Any change that benefits you is a good change. This also applies on your password as well. So, to keep the hackers guessing change your password at regular intervals. Always come up with something different and unique but also challenging.

Not everyone is meant to be your friend

We all know opposite attracts, but this is social media and gender is not scanned here. So, if a stunningly gorgeous girl sends you a friend request, it’s not necessary that she is a girl. No offense to your looks, but that can be a fake profile. Messages from these fake profiles can lure you to a site that contains malware and rest will be history then. Act smart and avoid such fake accounts.

Be Cautious – Scams Everywhere

Sometimes, your friend posts something on your wall, that may sound attractive, and you can’t resist clicking it. Well, the posted link can lead you to a dark alley, throwing you right at the feet of a hacker. Else, you can be smart by avoiding such links if you find them fishy and protect yourself from getting into trouble and losing all your personal information.

Malware loves Emails

Get this thing straight in your mind that honest web services will never ask you to release your personal information via email. Like, Facebook respects your identity and intelligence, and it will never proactively ask you to change your privacy settings or provoke you to change your password. There are other formal procedures that Facebook will pursue to let you know about any such changes. An added note, keep the email account that you have registered with Facebook safe and don’t comprise its security, as it can serve as a path for hackers to get into your account.

Be Friends with VPN

Another measure you can take to confuse hackers is by using a VPN. It enables you to stay anonymous by changing your IP. You can find the best VPN guide on USA VPN. PureVPN is by far the most appropriate choice in this scenario since it guarantees complete security and anonymity to its users. So, with the help of PureVPN, you can hide your tracks on Facebook and stay safe from hackers.

This is a guest post by Umair Asif. He is an enthusiast with the creative instincts and can craft words about security and privacy. A tech geek who love to teach people, how they can make their online presence anonymous.

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