Best C Programming Books

Best C Programming Books That You Must Read

Learning Programming languages is not an easy task. It takes time and effort and that’s why today we will list the best C programming books available online(both free and paid). These books will help you kickstart your journey of becoming the best C programmer out there.

C was the first programming languages invented by Dennis Ritchie that made an impact on the programming community. Before C, Cobol was the most used programming languages. C was succinct, ready-to-use, easy-to-learn programming language and started making an impact just after it release in 1970’s.

At that time, there was no internet and people have to read books. This is somewhat true in the current era expect the internet presence. Nowadays, internet provides almost all the content for learning, but still books can be pretty handy for structured studying.

C is one of the best programming languages because it is machine independent and is pretty fast compared to other programming languages. It is also used in Unix, Linux and other embedded systems. C can be used to code any type of application — it can be a desktop, GUI or embedded systems.

Today, we will list the best C programming books out there. These books are hand-picked by me and will provide you the best of C.

Reading a book is always my first priority and many programmers are still lean on learning it from a book rather than studying online.

Without wasting more time, let’s list the best C programming books for programmers. These books will also help many new learners in the computer science category.

1. C Programming language — by D.M.Ritche and B.W.Kernighan

This programming book is the frontier of all the other best C programming languages book. The book stems from the mind of the creators of C programming languages, yes, D. Ritchie and Kernighan.

If you are a beginner, the book can be intimidating, but for seasonal C programmers, the book can bring new insights and techniques to code in C language.

The advanced programmers will learn a new way to write C code and will probably teach them C in a better way. The exercises in the book are also challenging. The only aspect that differentiates it from other C programming languages is its size. With only 270 pages of content, the book manages to give a great overlook at the C programming language.

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2. C Programming  in 12 Easy lessons

Not exactly a book, but this is aimed at the new C learners. The examples are good and the exercises are dense in nature. So, you will not be lost anytime soon.

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3. Programming in ANSI C

Programming is never easy, but with this book, you can learn about C programming. The book is targeted a newbie learner or first-time learners of programmers. The book is written by E.Balagurusamy.

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4. C Programming: A Modern Approach — K.N.King

This book by K.N.King targets advanced users. The edition of the book focuses on changes that are brought in the C, over the years and explains them in a simple manner. A must read book for C programmer.

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Wrap Up

Today, we went through the 4 Best C Programming Books. These books are targeted at both novice and advanced users. No one can deny the fact that programming is hard and that’s why it is a good practice to read books on regular intervals. This will keep the knowledge intact in a long run.

Do you think that I missed a great C programming book? Comment below and let us know.

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