The best car audio system innovations of the 2017 European Motor Show

The 2017 European Motor Show in Brussels played host to couple dozens of major car and motorcycle manufacturers showcasing their latest products. In its 95th year, the European motor show had a turnout of almost half 1 million people interested in the latest cars and automobile technology.

This time around, the manufacturers and laid a particular emphasis on car audio systems with HARMAN being a showrunner with highly innovative features.

Highlights of the show


According to a study done by Ipsos RDA in 2016, the consumers of today are better aware of the advantages of a premium audio system in their vehicle can offer. And for that, they are more than willing to pay. As the demand for high-quality audio systems keeps on increasing, automakers are spending on high-quality technology and solutions now more than ever.

The best example of this shift in dynamics can be seen in the all-new Audi Q2. This vehicle proudly showcased their latest premium Bang & Olufsen stereo system, paired with a top-notch infotainment system going by the name of HARMAN High 2.

This car, which is probably the world’s most small premium crossover, had the following audio features to show off:

  • 14 active loudspeakers
  • One, 15 channel amplifier having Class D technology
  • MOST150 microphone input
  • 5.1 surround sound
  • Scalable DSP power
  • 750 W total power output for an unmatched surround sound experience

Now, if all these features are making you jealous of not having one for your vehicle, head over to CarSymphony to buy car amps and other audio systems.


BMW also showcased their upcoming BMW 5 series having Bowers and Wilkins Diamond Surround System. This complete package consists of 16 speakers, 1400 W of raw power, Diamond Dome speakers, and the QuantumLogic surround sound processing system that provides excellent clarity and detail.

The German automaker paired its high-tech sound system with HARMAN’s latest NBT Evo infotainment system for a seamless in-car entertainment experience. This is truly some high-tech stuff that can be considered almost close to being a revolutionary in the area of car audio technology.


Toyota’s claim to fame was the new Toyota C-HR that came with a custom-made JBL audio system, precisely tuned to the model’s interior decor. The system consisted of two innovative acoustic Horn Tweeters for a concert hall -like experience. Drivers who are most often on the road will definitely love this feature.

The other Toyota vehicles came with HARMAN’s Touch 2 and Touch 2 GO infotainment system coupled with JBL’s superb audio. If these features are not enough to make your jaw drop on the floor, then what is?

Who emerged on top?

All the manufacturers put their best effort at 2017 European Motor Show and presented us with heaps of information and previews of what’s latest in the car industry. As much as vehicle audio systems are concerned, it should be still quite a while till we see real time results when the cars finally release.

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