Best Free Torrent Clients For Android: 5 Apps We Recommend

If you landed on this page, then you must be looking for the best free Torrent clients for Android. Android is the most popular mobile OS with the market share of over 80%. With massive market share and constant updates, the percentage is only going to increase in the near future.

Smartphones, on the other hand, are becoming more powerful than ever. They can multi-task easily and can work great for entertainment purposes. The screens are also becoming big and it can have a positive impact on how the users view their devices.

Many Android users like to download torrent files on their Android device. The need for a torrent client on Android device is undeniable and many of us also look for the best possible experience.

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Today, we will discuss the best free Torrent Clients for Android.

Best Free Torrent Clients For Android

1. Flud


Flud is one of the latest torrent apps for Android platform. With active development, it has gained a lot of attention from the Android users and is going strong with 500k downloads. The good rankings also speak a lot about how awesome the Android App is. The App supports easy interface, greater control over the downloads and also supports magnet links.

You can also configure the app to work only with the WiFi and can fiddle with routing settings.


2. aTorrent


aTorrent is yet another awesome android client that features all the basic features of an Android application. The app supports parallel downloading, download selection, Wi-Fi only mode and support for magnet links. Other features also include pausing downloads when the device is not connected to the charger. The UI is good and usable.

You can easily download the app and start using it. But, the app sports ads. The ads can easily be removed by purchasing the pro version.


3. BitTorrent/uTorrent


With a wide reach on the desktop version, BitTorrent also has a commendable presence in the Android world. With a minimalistic interface, the app is easy to use and stick with. The app offers great customization options and there is no limitation on anything that you do with the app. To make sure that you do not download torrents in non-Wi-Fi mode, you can easily set the app to download the torrents only at WiFi.

Setting download locations is also easy and you can easily set your downloads to the microSD card.

Download BitTorrent

Download uTorrent

4. uTorrent Remote

Best Free Torrent Clients For Android

uTorrent Remote is a smart way of controlling all your torrent activities on your desktop. All of the control can be done through your smartphone. To make the remote control work, you need to sign into the uTorrent account on both the desktop and smartphone version. Once you are connected to both the platforms, you can easily add new torrents to download, remove old torrents or even pause torrents. The Android version feeds in the progress from the PC.

If you are connected to a Wi-Fi, you can utilize the app for streaming purpose.


5. Vuze

Best Free Torrent Clients For Android

Vuze is undoubtedly the most advanced torrent downloader on the desktop, but it do come with some setbacks on the PC version. The Android version, on the other hand, takes a minimalistic approach and easily provides the best experience. Android devices are low on resources and that can be one of the reasons why Vuze has escorted to this way. There is no speed limits, Wi-Fi Mode, and other configurable options.

The app is completely added free so that you can have the best experience possible.


Wrap Up

Torrent Apps for Android offers great control over your downloads. With mobile devices on the rise, it is a normal approach by the users to make their smartphone a download hub. The only requirement is a big microSD card and you are all set to go.

Flud is new but extremely impressive. It is starting attract tons of users because of its feature-set including easy-to-use UI. Other android torrent apps are also of great use. You can try them out to know which one fits your bill best!

So, which Android torrent app are you planning to use? Comment below and let us know. Also, share the article as much as you can!

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