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7 Best Free Torrent Clients of 2015

In the age of information, sharing files have become a norm. We all have videos, images, and other forms of data that needs to be shared. To make the best use of resources, today, we will discuss the best torrent downloader.

The torrent clients offer a great way to transfer your big files and can always give you better speed than normal downloading. Also, it gives a sense of privacy for the torrent users. You do not have to register anywhere and can easily transfer big files to your friends.

Using torrents can be a great activity if you are using it for personal use and also transferring files that do not carry legal issues such as transferring open source software, personal data and more.

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With a tight law around the torrent downloading, you need to be sure about what you are transferring through the torrent file. You can also use VPN for better performance or hiding your identity from the ISP.

Best Free Torrent Clients of 2015

1. uTorrent


uTorrent has been under fire from the community as it was detected by the EpicScale bitcoin miner, but it still is one of the best torrent downloaders out there. According to recent news, uTorrent has released a new version of the software and is focusing on gaining the trust of their users.

The main feature of the uTorrent is its lightweight and the way it handles resources to reduce the impact on the overall system. It also offers tons of other features such as RSS, automatic device conversion, remote management and more.

The torrent manager is available for all the major platforms, i.e., Windows, Mac, and Linux.


  • uTorrent is extremely lightweight and don’t hang on resources.
  • It is full of features and a complete torrent client.
  • Importing the whole client is easy and subtle.
  • Extremely easy to use with great user interface.


  • BitCoin Miner fiasco can cost them tons of users.
  • The client is not open source which means you can never know what’s running inside.
  • The Ads can be a little on the wrong side.


2. FileStream


If you do not want to install a torrent client on your machine(for obvious reasons such as uTorrent bitcoin miner or bloatware), you can use the online torrent client, FileStream. FileStream offers online services for uploading and downloading torrent files on your machine and all of the operations can be done through the browser. So, you do not have to download any 3rd party software or tool to accomplish the best of a task.

But, the free version of the torrent client offers limited usage and comes with Ads. For the free users, there is a limit of 1 GB download and you have only 3 days to download the files. There is one more limit of only downloading two files at one time.


  • No need to download 3rd party software
  • The online client can be configured for signaling the completion of the torrent download.
  • IP address is hidden and you can download as much as you can (limited to two in free version).


  • Creation of account is a must.
  • Limited access to free accounts.
  • An upper limit on the downloaded files.


3. BitTorrent


BitTorrent is yet another great torrent client for your needs. It is lightweight(not as lightweight as that of uTorrent), easy to install and also comes with an option to play media files during loading of media through torrent.

So, what actually it offers? If you have used or read the uTorrent description, it offers exactly the same stuff as the team behind BitTorrent is exactly the same as that of uTorrent. They have rebranded and offered same service through a different name.

Pros and Cons similar to uTorrent


4. BitLord


So many bits? Well, the next torrent client in the list starts with the keyword, “Bit”. If you are not sure what it means, you can think it as the smallest place on your computer to store a single unit of data.

Alright, enough of jargon. BitLord is a free torrent client for two operating systems, Mac OS X, and Windows. Sadly, it is not available for the Linux operating system.

BitLord is a fully featured torrent downloader and offers great control over downloading the files. You can easily password-protect all your downloads and eventually gain the ultimate privacy from others who are constantly on the look for gaining access to your download list.

The biggest feature of the BitLord is the browser with which it comes. The inbuilt browser is nothing extraordinary, but it provides all the sufficient features for browsing and downloading torrent files from the client.


  • Small Download file size.
  • The user-interface is good and usable.
  • Highly configurable torrent client. Offers limit to download bandwidth and speed.
  • Supports magnet link.
  • Password protect all your download.


  • Comes with bloatware.


5. FrostWire


If you are looking for a torrent client that offers zero advertising then the torrent client is for you. FrostWire is nothing out of the blue. It is just like the other torrent client, but the absence of ads can really improve the user experience.

It is free and small in size. You can quickly download and start download all you important files.

Another great feature of FrostWire is automatic music imports into iTunes, search options, and media player.


  • Small in size
  • Easy to use.
  • No Advertisement
  • Supports magnet links or downloading through URL.


  • Try to install bloatware during installation.


6. qBittorrent


qBittorrent is yet another great client for downloading torrent files. The major difference is the open source status of the client.

The client can easily be used as an alternative to the uTorrent. qBittorrent is available with all the major operating system such as Linux, Mac, and Windows.

The torrent client comes with inbuilt search options can easily generate revenue related to the


  • A great alternative to uTorrent
  • Completely Open Source
  • Available to all platforms
  • Supports magnet links.
  • User Interface is good.


  • Similar to uTorrent


7. Vuze(formerly Azureus)/Leap


Fencing something greater than dull torrent clients? Then, Vuze is for you. The Vuze client tries to outsmart every torrent client on this list, but it does come at a price.

The torrent client offers great control over your media library and offer the ability to offer HD video direct from your iTunes account.

You can also add features to the client by using plugins that are available in the market place. For example, you can schedule downloads, install remote control options and others.

If you are looking for a lighweight edition of Vuze, then they also offer Leap — a lightweight client and a great choice for your torrent needs.


  • Comes with tons of features
  • Supports VPN
  • Supports HD playback
  • Tons of plugins for improving functionality


  • Eats resources
  • Bloatware installation
  • Interface is hard to work with.


Wrap Up

Torrent Clients are a must these days. They offer reliable transfer of files through a secure network and if you are looking to transfer files with more than one friend — a network that can thrive without any external dependency.

Internal networks can use the torrent effectively to gain advantage of the peer-to-peer technology.

The use of media player and advanced features in the torrent clients is debatable and require an introspection from the client developers and the user. The real question is do you really need all those features?

Which torrent client do you use? Comment below and let us know.

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