Best Way to Learn JavaScript

The fact that you made it here, I will take it that you are a programming enthusiast. I also take it that you have an interest in knowing the best way to learn Javascript. But the problem is, you don’t know how to start?

Well, read on and together we will find a way how to get you master the scripting language. However, firstly I would like to address a particular problem. Many people, starting out learning something new loses their enthusiasm mid way. So first let’s get that bit figured out.

Learn JavaScript

Why should you learn JavaScript?

I have had many people come up to me and ask me for resources and techniques to grasp JavaScript quickly. When I questioned them why they answered: “because it increases one’s employability.”

Now the fact is true, but there are plenty of other skills which will also help you land a job. Hence, if you find JavaScript to be tough to grasp, you will just quit mid way and hop on to the next thing that promises a sure job.

So you see, this is not the proper mentality to start learning. Learn something for the appreciation of the subject. This will make sure that you stick through with it no matter what. And this will be important as JavaScript is vast and will require patience.

I believe the best way to gaining an appreciation for a subject is to understand what it is and what are its full implications.

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So What is JavaScript and What are its Uses?

You will find the textbook definition littered on the internet. So here I will not bother with that. You already know that JavaScript is a programming language which is used in web development. You must have seen some dynamic content on certain websites like automatic timely content updates, interactive maps, animations, and so on. It is very likely that all these have been developed using JavaScript.

Now in Web Development, broadly there are three things. Number one is the HTML code which creates the structure of your website. Then comes CSS which creates a style and manages how your site will look like. But even after doing all this, your site will still look lifeless or static(if you prefer the technical term.) If you have been thinking about breathing life(dynamic) into your site, then you will have to use JavaScript, the third component in web development.

Overall, if you are passionate about coding, and want to be involved in making some cool websites, then JavaScript is something you should consider learning. And yes, there are the perks of getting employed.

How to learn JavaScript?

Now I will take it that you are ready to learn JavaScript. But from where to start? Without a proper roadmap, you will have an improper education. Luckily here we have provided a step by step guide to help you master the scripting language.

So without further ado, here is the Best Way to Learn JavaScript:

Step 1: Start with The Basics



Learning the basics is analogous to planting the pillars. Or else how do you hope to a build a structure on top of that? So concentrate on learning the basics first.

Here are some  great places to start learning from scratch:

Furthermore, while learning to code, it will be better if you use a JavaScript Developer Friendly Browsers. These browsers come with developer tools which you can use to implement your code, or for debugging purposes.

It would be beneficial if you become accustomed to it from the very beginning.

Step 2: Learn to Use the JavaScript Developer Friendly Browser.

FireFox, Chrome, Safari are just some of the JavaScript Developer Friendly Browsers. All these browsers come with a set of tools that developers will find very handy. Firebug is one such tool which is used by most of the developers and beginners alike.

So the next step is getting familiar with these developer tools on your browser. Do this simultaneously as you go on learning JavaScript.

Step 3: Read Books – Especially the Ones Written by Experts

Don’t let anyone fool you. Nothing is more invaluable than a book. And there are plenty of experts on JavaScript who have written some valuable materials. Get your hands on them and start reading.

You have no idea how much you will thank me later for this. Here are a couple of books to help you get started.

Step 4: Start doing projects

No learning is complete unless you can apply it. So start doing some projects or build small applications with the knowledge you have gathered. This will also help you clear doubts and show you your weak points – things you need to study more.

Now, these projects don’t have to be something you get hired to do. Remember most of the great developers just build web apps for the sake of building web apps. Don’t think of the money; it will come at its own pace. Just build a new web app and gain some confidence in doing so. Go ahead and build a To-Do list, or go on to create a simple game or a simple tool.

You can even take this a step further and join FreeCodeCamp. Here you can work on an array of projects for non-profit organizations. You can display all the projects that you have done as a portfolio. And they also offer certificates.

Step 5: Learn a Popular JavaScript Framework

As I said, once you step into an Office you will have to start using a Framework or an IDE. There are various choices for you to consider. It is also not plausible to call one better than the other. Hence it would be best to stick to one and start learning from the heart. Here are a few options:

Now there are many resources available for this frameworks as well. Don’t try to master them all at once. Choose one and start learning as much as possible about it.

Wrapping Up

If you have the patience, perseverance, and dedication to take it this far, then you were meant to be a programmer my friend. By now you have mastered many facets to programming with JavaScript. It is now time that you go building some Awesome Apps. Don’t think about the money. If your work is good, money will come pouring in. Remember you work on the internet. So just work, because it will be accessible from all over the globe. People will see the talent that is you.

Now one last advice that I want to give you would be never to stop learning. No, I am serious. The internet is evolving at a rapid pace. Don’t become arrogant and say you know too much. Every single day there is something new to know and teach yourself. So keep up this learning attitude and keep up with the latest trend. And who knows, maybe you will be an Expert writing the books on JavaScript.

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