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Firefox Developer browser : Latest Development from the Web front

The Open-Source Firefox browser will find its twin on its 10th anniversary. Firefox recently announced via their blog that they are planning to release a full developer-friendly browser on 10th November known as Firefox Developer Browser (Edition).

The "Coder focused version" is specially built for the knights of the web. There is more to be revealed soon as firefox only provided a sneak-peak on the upcoming browser.
According to firefox, web development requires lots of tools to work with and this can lead to decrease in productivity. To overcome this, Firefox are releasing a unique browser completely built for the developers.

In this reference, firefox said, "It’s built by developers for developers so you can debug the whole Web, allowing you to more easily build awesome Web experiences." 

A visit to the past : Firefox Developer Browser

Firefox was welcomed immensely by the web community 10 years ago because of its better build quality. It was faster, secure and featured amazing UI. Users started to shift from Internet Explorer and Firefox became the king of the web until Google released their own open-source web browsers Chrome.

Now, Chrome rules the web browser market. It has more users and is slightly better than firefox. Google Developer tools embedded into the Google Chrome browser gave it much better retention rate with developers.

Firefox followed the same path and released WebIDE, a programming environment for browsers and Firefox Tools Adapter.

And now, Firefox is completely rethinking their relationship with the developer community. The release can see changes in how Firefox is treated and celebrated in the developer community at least.

The Firefox Developer browser will include the two old Firefox projects, WebIDE and Firefox Tools Adapter.Firefox Tools Adapter lets the developer test their sites and apps on the different platforms like Chrome for PCs.

Firefox browser also rooted its presence in mobile but soon Safari took its place as the best browser for mobile.

So where are we leading to?

Things are changing fast W3C recently finalized the HTML5 Draft and now Firefox Developer Browser. 

Stay tuned as we will review the Firefox Developer Browser in a day or two. Until then, tell us what are you views on the cool move from Firefox by commenting below!

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