Firefox Developer Edition

Firefox Developer Edition: A developers Playground

Firefox made news just a few days back with its announcement of Firefox Developer Edition. And now the beautiful blue fox is remaking history with the release of a browser completely for the developers. 

Firefox now-a-days is active in celebrating for users as they introduced their new Polaris Privacy Initiative. They also kept developers in the list and introduced a full-blown Developer Firefox Browser.

So should all developers jump in joy? Is it really worth a try? Let's find out.

According to firefox, Developers are their main reason behind their new release. In today world, the real users are always preferred as the basis of new innovation as they serve the end consumers. No one things about developers, only developers do. That's why, Developers at Firefox worked with this amazing idea and released a developer-friendly browser on their 10th anniversary.

The web has changed a lot in the last decade, from the monopoly of Internet Explorer to the rise of Mozilla Firefox at first and then Chrome came crashing in to reclaim all the honors. Firefox being open-source provide developers the right platform to bring changes to the web. The new web is complex and without global collaboration, the current situation would have been different.


Open-Source is surely fuelling all the changes on the web and the software front.

Firefox Developer Edition is just one of the gifts on the 10th Anniversary Celebration. To know read the official Firefox Blog Article posted by Johnathan Nightingale, VP Firefox.

Amazing thing that Firefox brings is new privacy concerns and introduction of DuckDuckGo as default search engine to Firefox users. DuckDuckGo is popular for its privacy rules and regulations.

Do we need Firefox Developer Edition?

The question can be answered by any regular or part-time developers out there. Development now-a-days is using tools effectively to increase productivity and keep quality at check. Automated tools make sure that developers don't re-invent the wheel and focus on the results. 

When a developer switches between tools, he looses time and focus. Working with one package can bring down confusion, improve confidence and output.

Bottom line is simple; Developers love wholeness than scatterings. A unified approach is much better, even Einstien in his last days wanted a unified answer to the whole universe.

What's New in Firefox Developer Edition

The official Firefox Developer Edition reads

Builds for those who build the Web

And that's correct. Firefox Developer Edition comes with all the developers tools that earlier were released as add-ons for the normal Firefox edition such as WebIDE and Firefox Tools Adapter.

Firefox Developer Edition let developers debug your application on any browser or device with Valance(Coming to this soon).

When you first boot up the browser, you will be treated with an amazing sleek User Interface. The User Interface is top-notch and brings new life to the browser.

Firefox Developer Tools

There are plenty of new and old firefox developer tools that are included in the new release.

WebIDEWebIDE can be used to deploy, develop and debug any Firefox OS apps from the browser.

Responsive Design View:  Check your website or web app for any responsive issues, can be used to debug on any screen resolution.

Valence: Valence(formerly known as Firefox Adapter Tool) lets you debug your website or app on any browser for bugs and other functionalities.

Web Audio Editor: A completely new addition to the firefox tool family. With the API, developers can create and play audio context. A fun visualization for the audio geeks out there.

PageInspectorWith this tool, developers can view and edit the code on the fly. They can then change the real files to reflect the changes to the original site.

Web Console: A perfect gateway to input your JavaScript code to modify the websites. It also showcases logged information.

JavaScript Debugger: Helps developer to track down bugs and improve JavaScript code.

Network Monitor: Network monitoring is an important part of debugging, It catches each request and delivers important information to the developers.

Style Editor: Edit CSS styles for a webpage on the go.

Firefox has surely made a gem for the developers. Firefox Developer Edition is just the start and in the future, there are chances that developers will be preferred more by developers :). So, do you think that the Firefox Developer Edition is worth the praise? Let us know by commenting below.

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