Firefox LightBeam

Firefox LightBeam, a sleek privacy addon to visualize 3rd party trackers

Firefox LightBean add-on is a sleek and intuitive add-on that lets users visualize all the connection and find out the 3rd Party websites to which all your browsing information is being sent.

Yesterday was the Data Privacy Day and as usual Firefox has been helping users from all over the world to enlighten over the privacy matters.

NSA and other spying agencies are not helping the cause and our beloved sites also like to sell our data to 3rd party tools and website for analysis and marketing needs. Users privacy is at stake for the sole reason of marketing and targetting the user base.

Google, for example, has admitted to using gmail data for providing data to their clients and their services. Yup, Google reads all your emails.

We, all are blamed for our online browsing habits as none of us really make any changes to safe browsing rules and regulations. Most of us don’t have any clue of what we are sharing and when asked, gets puzzled at the first instance. The numbers are high and the Firefox privacy page reveals 91% of the adult users are not sure how consumers use their data by different companies.

The rate of people who are willing to learn more to improve their privacy is 61%. The old people and the teens are the most affected of all, leaving more digital footprint. More information about how to get started and what to implement can be found at the Firefox page here.

Firefox has tried to convey the information in four easy steps: Ask, Learn, Act and Discuss. In the learn tab, they have introduced their new tool named Firelight.

Firefox has always been on the bright side of protecting user’s privacy. They provide features such as forget button, do not track, and also sports support for other privacy add-ons in the Firefox market.

They have also suggested DuckDuckGo search Engine over Google. Even though, I use Google all day long, I still prefer DuckDuckGo for maximum privacy.

The last step to have a good online presence is to find someone with which you can discuss your online digital footprint and further find the loopholes that you are leaving behind on the internet.

Firefox LightBeam: How to get Started

To install Firefox LightBeam, visit the Firefox site, and click “Install Firefox LightBeam” to get started.

You will get a popup, asking you to cancel or proceed. Click “Proceed” to start installing. Once the add-on is installed, a small icon will be integrated into the top-right of the Firefox. It looks like a Batman Car from the top.Firefox Lightbeam

The next step includes visiting popular sites such as The Next Web, TechAltair, and others.

Once done, click the Batman looking button the top right and become part of people who are taking part in improving their privacy over the internet.

Firefox LightBeam
The visualization of Firefox LightBeam.

You can choose to drag the main site node and play around. For further analysis, you can save the data or reset data for restarting the analysis.

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