Free Online Courses to grow your tech skills

Free Online Courses To Grow Your Tech Skills

If you are looking for the free online courses to enhances your technical expertise, then you have landed on the right page. There has been an outbreak regarding technology and education. Technical Skills are in demand, and with automation coming up the horizon, technical knowledge will become quintessential in our daily lives.

So it would be wise to hone these skills before time’s up. However, you may feel bobbed down with the cost that is associated with the courses that are available online?

Now, with the advent of Massive Open Online courses, there has been an outbreak in online learning for upgrading skills. The reason behind this can be due to the increasing demand for highly skilled personnel having knowledge in multiple fields.

Here, I have taken the time to curate a list of free online courses that will help you grow your tech skills beyond average. So, why the wait? You can also read Top 8 Websites for Online Education. So without further ado, let’s start the free online courses to grow your tech skills.

Free Online Courses To Grow Your Tech Skills

1. Udacity Introduction to Computer Science(CS 101)

If you are just starting the journey to the tech world, then Udacity CS 101 course is perfect. It starts computer science lessons from the basics. The biggest advantage of doing the course is the capability to understand how computers work and how programming can be used in real-life problems.

With a project of building a search engine(yes, you read it right) and a social network project in the final exam, you will be presented with tons of challenges throughout the course.

The course is free to take, but they do not provide any certificate after completion. However, you can get enrolled in their certificate oriented course and get personalized guidance through the course. The choice of taking the free course or the certificate oriented course depends on what you are looking.

Visit the official Course page

2. CS 50

CS 50 is for people looking for a challenge; a challenge that can improve your thinking skills and teach you programming and computer science. The course is taught by David Milan and is available through EdX. Each year, the course runs and attracts tons of students all across the world.

What makes it so popular? The video lectures and the community are the prime reasons. Also, the content of the course is top notch. You will be presented with ten amazing problem sets, each challenging you in different ways.

The course requires a lot of motivation to complete. So, it is always better to pre-plan before diving right in. You will not regret a single moment you spend on the course.

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3. Engineering Software as a Service edX — Part 1 and Part 2

EdX is one of the leading MOOC platforms. Their course: “Engineering Software as a Service” is one of the best tech courses on the platform. Software as a service can sound strange for newbies but acts as an essential concept for the veterans.

In this course, you will learn the basics of software engineering using the agile development framework. It will resort to Ruby on Rails for all the coding and development, so you will also get acquainted with the language if you are not familiar.

However, the course is not at all recommended for beginners. You need to have some prior coding knowledge and understanding of how web applications work.

The pre-requisites of the course are quite complex and requires you know at least one OOP language. Knowledge of Unix and Github is also useful. But if you meet the qualifications necessary, then you should be able to complete the course in nine weeks time.

Visit the Official Course Page — Part 1

Visit the Official Course Page — Part 2

4. Introduction to Linux

There is no doubt in my mind on how important Linux has become for developers and software engineers. With impressive control over the development environment, Linux is the de-facto for developers.

Windows has a decent development environment, but nothing beats Linux. The course is curated by Linux Foundation and is available on edX. You will learn the basics of the Linux operating system and proceed to the final exams to earn a free certificate.

The course is aimed at beginners, but can be taken by anyone. The length of the course of eight weeks and requires less attention than the other courses listed here.

The instructor of the course if Jerry Cooperstein.

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5. Building Mobile Experiences

In the world of mobiles, the most basic knowledge that separates the mediocre from the best developers is understanding how the mobile ecosystem works.

In this course, you will understand different aspects of the how human and mobile interaction works. Throughout the course, you will learn to build a mobile app(which can be deployed into the play store) and share it with your friends.

The length of the 12 weeks and require some pre-requisite knowledge of programming. The course doesn’t focus on coding, but the design aspects of a mobile app.

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6. Software Development Processes

Software Development Processes, currently available through Udacity in collaboration with George Tech is an exciting prospect for learners. The course runs with the mission to teach you software development principles. All that you will learn here will prove to be invaluable while creating your first program or application.

The course is aimed at people who have intermediate knowledge regarding coding. It is also self-paced.

No certificate is awarded at the end of the course.

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7. Developing Android App

Android OS is no doubt king of all the mobile OSes. With more than 80% of the mobile OS running Android, it’s not a bad idea to learn Android app development.

Udacity collaborated with Google to offer the course. So, you can be assured of getting some High-Quality content. The course is self-paced, and you will have to pay to get a certificate at the time of completion.

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8. Full Stack Foundation

Another great course for growing your tech skills. The course aims to teach you full stack philosophy. With a complete flask app built using an iterative methodology, you will find the course completely satisfying.

Like any other Udacity course, this course is also self-paced. Knowledge of programming will help you tackle problems in taking the course. The course if not for beginners and people interested should have some pre-requisite knowledge about computers and programming.

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9. Introduction to Databases

With over thousands of websites created every single day, learning how to operate Databases can give you an edge over your competition. Introduction to Databases helps to build your foundation on the subject matter.

The course is self-paced and is rich in content.

It is developed by Standford University.

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10. An Introduction to interactive programming in Python

The course is one of the most popular courses online and is perfectly suited for anyone who is starting their programming career.

The course is five weeks in length and offers a certificate at the end of the competition. The course is similar to Udacity CS101.

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Wrap Up: Which course you should take?

With these ten free courses listed to improve your tech skills, I hope you have found at least one that is useful for you. But if you are new to the online course, in general, choosing a course can be tough.

For beginners, Udacity CS101, An Introduction to Interactive programming in Python, Introduction to Databases, Introduction to Linux and CS50 acts as a good starting point.

The other courses are intermediate or advanced in nature and require some hands-on programming experience. Choose wisely and also let us know which course you are taking to improve your tech skills.

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    1. Go through the online courses articles listed here. Also, visit Coursera, Udacity and EDx for computer science courses. I will compile a resource for you and other readers who are interested in build their career in technology. Self learning is the best way to go.

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