Get Permanent 2 GB Google Drive Free Space

Security is important and at Safer Internet Day, Google wants to buckle up our security checklist. We sometimes look awful when asked if our online accounts are secure or not. Most of us either don’t care or don’t know the term, “Security”.

On Safer Internet Day, Google has taken an initiative to protect the data of the users with an offer of extending their Google Drive Free Space by 2GB.

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According to Google, if you complete a simple security check by 17th Feb 2015, you will get an additional 2 GB Google Drive Free Space.

Safer Internet Day: History

According to the official page of SID(Safer Internet Day)they want to organize events every February, especially for the young and the teens to educate themselves on how to secure themselves on the internet.

Internet has become an integral part of our life and according to ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt, “Internet will disappear“, indirectly hinting on how internet will get integrated into our daily lives that we will not count Internet differently as before.

These strong statements from the internet leaders showcase the future into which are moving ahead. It looks bright and bleak at the same time. Security has always been a hot topic for online users and with the revelation of NSA and other spying agencies, the whole landscape of the Internet security is changing quickly.

There are many reasons of one acting awkward on the internet. Few of the reasons is ignorance of how internet works and digital footprints we are leaving behind on the internet.

Another fascinating fact that online data is engrained into the stone and cannot be deleted is mostly taken lightly by the general population and internet is a place, where they can wander without getting hit or something.

The reality, on the other hand, is completely different, as cyber-bulling is taking a lot of impact on many teens and children around the world. They do not have the tools to cope with the harsh online environment, where freedom of speech reigns and respect is minimal.

Also, there are strong evidences of the effects of internet and computer on the children. Another article goes into the in depths of how internet effects human behavior.

Coming back to the 2 GB Google Drive Free Space

The simple security checkup will take 2 mins of your valuable time and in return all your google settings will be secure and robust.

Google Drive Free Space

The checkup includes the following steps:

  • Account Recovery Information — Add or update.
  • Review Recent sign-in activity — Find if your accounts are not used by someone else.
  • Manage Apps access and account information.

Once, you are done with the security checkup, Google will send you an email confirming your security checkup and granting you 2 GB Google Drive Free Space. The only thing that you should keep in mind is to do the needful before February 17, 2015.

Google will get to you about your additional Google Drive Free Space by 28 Feb.

What are you waiting for? Go complete the checklist and get your 2 GB free space.

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