Google Surveillance Reforms

Google Surveillance Reform: The World Can Change!

The World is falling apart, the internet is going haywire — well at least in the mass surveillance arena. Mass Surveillance companies are bringing the world to the new low of privacy and security, all in the name of protection from the terrorist. The reasons can be more intimidating as more and more networks are coming under the surveillance of the spying agencies.

No big company has made an escape from the grips of the unknown threat that started crawling the Internet ages ago. Mass Surveillance is nothing new, but the scale has exponentially improving the last few years. NSA revelation  has shocked the world and this can only lead to nowhere. The whole world must be thankful for the heroism of Edward Snowden. Without him, the World could still be in the dark.

Google Surveillance Reforms: Is Google Changing the Internet Reforms for better security?

Google is the front-runner of providing secure systems for their services and products. They are also active in finding out different type of flaws and security bug in other popular system, making the whole world a better place. But, Recent news of them not fixing the Android bug for million devices can question the approach of Google in providing secure systems to their users.

The notion of freedom is complex; if by any means its bounded, it is not freedom.

Google proves that they are still against the Mass Surveillance done by NSA and other major spying agencies all over the World. They are proving one of the vital forces in the fight against the government surveillance reform by offering the portal for users to sign a petition that will surely echo the concerns of individuals all over the world.

US Freedom Act And US Patriot Act

US Patriot Act will soon see the end of the day in 2015. For the uninitiated, it is the same act that enabled the scope of spying agencies to go beyond the critical limit. Through this act, American Government can easily hack its way through any citizen it likes to get information about.

The expiry of the Act has the hidden chance of making an impact on the Internet. The voice of millions can change the outcome of the future as the act will expire and there lies the opportunity to change the reforms for the better good. The law will be renewed in June 2015.

Google is quite vocal in this respect.

In June of 2015, we have a huge chance to protect Americans from mass surveillance when a key part of the USA Patriot Act is set to expire.

They also added.

We need to be ready to take action this coming year.

The counter of the US Patriot Act, the US Freedom Act came into the horizon, only failed by the simple procedural vote. The ray of hope came into the light when the US Freedom Act came into the scene, but the hope of eradicating the malpractices of the NSA, washed away with its failure to cross the procedural vote.

Google Surveillance Reforms: So, Can Google make any difference?

Google is a well-established tech company that surely has an impact on the internet, mobile phone and many other sectors. But, lately they are seen as a huge political power and can find themselves at the top of these political games. The statistics reveal the spending budgets of Google in federal lobbying which is in-par with the biggest US corporations. The sharp rise in the rankings from 213th in 2004 to second place in 2012 speaks volume of the political impact Google has now.

The World needs to change; there is no way the current web is safe for anyone regardless of any service being used. The only hope is the non-renewal of the US Patriot Act, but the chance are slim.

With Google Surveillance Reforms, the situation can change drastically and the internet can surely make an impact on the upcoming judgement.

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