Hacking: Bring the change in the World!

“Hacking” is the notion of breaking the rules and changing things in the either a bad or good way. In computer world, Hacking is the art of manipulating systems according to the hacker needs.

In cyber security world, Hacking is the process of finding security flaws and weakness of a system and either exploit them or fix them to accomplish hacker’s goal.

A hacker is defined as a computer specialist that breaks the security of a system. The motive of the hacker is purely based on their moral values and they are divided into three major types:

1) White Hat Hacker:

White hat hackers (also known as an ethical hacker) practice the art of hacking for protecting the system from various attack such as DOS attack, Session hijacking, SQL Injection etc.

The main objective of white hackers is to improve the security of a system by discovering flaws and fixing them. Ethical hackers either work for an organization or independently to make the cyberspace more secure.

2) Black Hat Hacker:

Black hat hackers use their hacking skill for an illegal purpose or malicious intent.

Black Hat Hackers can also be active in Hacktivism. Hacktivism is mainly defined as activism to target government organisation.

3) Grey Hat Hacker:

Grey hat hackers are those who don’t have a malicious intention, but still like to discover security flaws in third-party software. They disclose the security flaws to the intended organization and the organization fixes the security flaw or hire the Grey Hat hacker to do the job.

The motive of the Grey Hat Hackers are clear; they protect organizations from security exploits.

Intelligence and Hacking: Are they related?

Intelligence can have its roots fixed into the hacking art. Intelligent people are more likely to see things differently. But, Intelligence itself is not the root cause of the hackers behaviour. There are other reasons that influences the behaviour of the hackers.

Hackers are smart people but automated tools for hacking has given rise to an army of script kiddies. They are totally different from the elite hackers that actually have a real impact.

A different way of seeing the word “Hacking”

Hacking is generally seen as a nerdish dream and the idea is more sensationalised by the media around us. But, in general, the idea is flawed. Most of us carry the hacking skill and everything around us can be hacked.

We are made to believe that hackers are the most brilliant people on the earth but in truth anyone who change the rules and diverts from the normal is a hacker.

Anything can be a hacked, from education to sports to reading to almost any daily activity.

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