Human Resources and Technology - 2018 and Beyond

Human Resources and Technology – 2018 and Beyond

It’s 2018.

And, if you are into the technology, you already know its impact on current jobs.

For the uninitiated, the future of jobs will change as automation slowly takes over the mundane tasks. Even HR will see a change.

For companies, it is now time to evaluate human resources technology and its impact on making life more comfortable.

With ML, AI and data analytics used in almost every sector, it is only time HR will also see the necessary changes. Companies are now focusing on “productivity” through “automation,” and HR technologies can act as a catalyst in the whole process.

Even High-Impact HR(HIHR) research reports that almost 45% of the companies are looking to automate basic processes. This also includes HR automation.

According to the same report, the focus will slowly change from talent management to team and work management.


So, how the change will happen? Let’s take a look at what the future of HR technologies hold.

Productivity is the key

Until now, HR is driven by a focus on hiring talent. However, all of these will change with new technology tools. Even Deloitte, acknowledge this trend and believes that productivity tools will do the number one technology disruptor.

Slowly, but steadily, the focus will change from hiring great talent to retaining and nourishing the talent. More tools will be used instead of email. Tools such as Slack, Trello, etc. will make it easy to communicate and bring the best out of the employees.

In the forefront, HR personnel will manage communication channel. They will also be responsible for team’s cohesiveness, productivity, and morale.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

With automation, HR can now focus on other essential tasks. They can merely leave mundane tasks to machines. The goal is to create a co-working space between robots and humans at the workplace.

Even the leaders in the top 500 companies agree with the change. Reggie Bradford adds, “Ironically, machines will help human resources feel more human and personalised—from recruitment to employee engagement and education.” He is the vice president of the Oracle’s product development division.

The first major change we will see is how the resumes and applications will be handled. AI-based technology will take over it and remove human involvement at the initial stages of hiring. The tools will bring more effective when it comes to recruitment.

Other tools such as chatbots, data-mining tool, and others will further improve HR’s work. Not only that, AI can work 24/7 and gather information that was beyond reach earlier. HR can then look at it, and take critical decisions based on it.

What’s next?

With the HR technologies evolving at a frantic speed, life of HR personnel and employees will become simpler. Currently, HR technologies will focus on improving productivity and wellness of the employees. For companies, it is time to reflect and start making changes in their HR department. An early investment in these technologies will ensure that companies can take full advantage of it when HR technologies mature and become more widely accepted.

So, when do you think about future of technology and HR? Comment below and let us know.

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