How To Enable Undo Send Email in Gmail

Without Gmail, many of us will have a tough time to handle our working environment. Gmail is the leading mail services used by millions of professionals across the world.

But, it comes with a big fault. There is no “Undo Send Email”! And, many of us regret sending a wrong email to someone, we never intended to. To solve the problem, Google has officially released the “Undo Send Email”. Today, we will go in-depth of how to enable undo send email in Gmail.

How To Enable Undo Send Email in Gmail

1. To enable the Undo Send email in Gmail, you first need to go to the settings gear icon on the right-hand side corner of your Gmail window.

2. Once you click the gear button, click on the settings option.

3. Clicking the settings option will point you to the settings page. You will be able to see the “Undo Send” option.


4. The Undo Send option, currently have four cancellation periods, 5, 10, 20 and 30 secs.

5. Select any cancellation period and click on “Save” button at the bottom of the settings page.

And, you are done.

What the Undo button means for you?

Current working environments require us to send 100’s of email on daily purpose. This can require professional emails, quotation and personal emails too. There can be scenario when you send an email to a wrong person and yes it can spell disaster and shame.

To fix the issue, Gmail was working on the “Undo Send” feature for the past six years. In 2009, they officially announced that they are testing the feature in the lab.

But, recently, they released the feature for the Gmail users.

The catch is simple; your emails will be in the buffer for the amount of cancellation period you have chosen. Once, the buffer expires, it will send the email to its destination.

The positive aspect is the fact that you will have a 2nd chance to revert back on your decision to send the email to the concerned party. Moreover, it gives power in the hands of the users.

My recommendation for using the Undo send cancellation period to 30 secs. This will give you enough time to revert back to the original state. The other option such as 5 sec is kind of instant flash and kind of hard to pull-off.

Other options are good, but 30 sec is just the right time to make it work out for you.

Does it work for Gmail App?

There are many reports that the Gmail Mobile App is yet to see the feature. But, it is pretty obvious that the new changes will start rolling out in the future.

Google is known for its innovation speed, and there is no doubt that people want more features stacked into their daily apps.

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