How to Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft in 2018

With increasing footprints on online platforms, increases the threat to your online identity. Here, users have been targeted in numerous ways using multiple duping & malicious techniques. At the same time, this virtual threat also increases the need for a better security mechanism to keep your identity safe. Let’s discuss ways to protect yourself against identity theft in 2018.

How your identity could be compromised?

Well, there are plenty of ways available how your identity could be compromised. Here, not only the threats arise from cybercriminals on online platforms but your small negligence of carrying documents could cause identity breach. Let’s discuss 5 major reasons your identity could be compromised.

  1.   Trashing Inappropriately: The smallest negligence of trashing documents inappropriately could bring you to the serious trouble with data theft. If you are one of those users who simply trash important documents without destroying them then you are in trouble. These documents may include bank statements, credit card bills or similar important documents. Thus, we suggest you should always destroy such documents before sending them to the bin.
  2.   Theft: This is another reason where your important information is stolen through online or offline mediums. Here, misplaced wallet could transfer important information about you to criminals. Similar to that, if you avoid an appropriate security mechanism while transacting online, it could also cause identity breach unnecessarily.
  3.  Phishing Scams: The history of nefarious phishing scams goes back to many decades. This is one of the most practiced ways where cybercriminals try to dupe users with lucrative deals. Here, you may find an email offering you big discounts on certain products and asking you to win big lottery amounts. Further, these cybercriminals will ask you to click on certain links (malicious). Once you click on these links, your system will be under cyber-attack and all your information & personal data will be compromised.
  4. Social networking: Cybercriminals not only attack via phishing scams and malicious emails but they may also target you through your social media account. Recent news has confirmed that personal information even on some biggest social media platforms is not safe. Here, scammers could trade your personal info and identity for money. Furthermore, cybercriminals could also send you malicious links and attachments on social media accounts as well.
  5. Other online scams: In addition to the above-mentioned reasons, your identity could be breached due to other reasons as well. It includes submitting information to malicious websites, doing online activities on open-network, spyware or other malicious attacks and more.

Solution to keep online identity secured: One of the best ways to keep your online identity safe is to use best identity monitor & protection software for your system. These smart tools not only help you keep your identity safe, but they also work automatically to save your time & reduce manual efforts. Let’s discuss some of these tools here.

Advanced Identity Protector: Advanced Identity Protector works on smart algorithms to helps you keep your identity data safe. Here, it scans, finds and protects all your valuable login details, sensitive passwords, email accounts and other credentials safe. Once it finds these details on your system, it helps you keep them safe in the encrypted vault. Here, no one can access your important data but you. During the process, it protects data from web browsers, documents & files, email clients, Windows Registry and more.

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IDShield: IDShield works on comprehensive security monitoring mechanism to ensure complete security. You can use this tool to monitor financial account details and landing services to avoid fraudulent attacks. Using its privacy monitoring option, you can monitor your all sensitive personal information being misused or misplaced. It is also an effective tool to keep your identity safe on social media networks. It even helps you restore your important details in case it is under attack or compromised. Its password manager option helps you keep all your passwords safe in the secure vault. Further, it offers 24/7 assistance for better security.

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LifeLock: Use LifeLock to scan, find and remove all threats to your identity in an effective manner. It sends you regular alerts about identity threat via email, text or phone. It works on effective signup & enrollment process to provide complete coverage to your important data. This comprehensive tool protects all your valuable information from cybercriminals in an efficient manner. It even helps you deal with the situation where your identity is compromised. It offers you million-dollar protection against numerous cyber-threats to keep you safe. In addition to other services, it offers coverage for experts & lawyers, personal expense compensation and more. You can use this powerful tool for instant and effective results.

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Conclusion: Using advanced identity theft protection tools, you can easily manage & protect your identity automatically. These smart solutions work on proprietary technologies to scan and detect all possible threats to your personal data. It further works extensively to keep your identity safe against cyber threats.

Summary: One of the easiest & safest ways to protect your online identity is to use advanced identity theft protection tools. Let’s discuss ways to protect yourself from identity theft in 2018.

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