Is Writing Essential For The Programmers?

If you are a programmer and have been working in an organization, you already know how important it is to write. The ability to write is a key to success in any job. It can be in sales, marketing, designing, etc.

Is Writing Essential For The Programmers?

Writing is the purest form of communication with minimal chances of being misunderstood. It doesn’t matter if you are working as a freelancer or in an organization, writing can easily improve your chances to make the most out of your current situation. For programmers, the need for writing is more of a necessity than an option.

An example

Let’s go through an example. You are great at coding skills and devised a new way of solving a problem or you just released a software that can solve the problems of many users. But, you are not able to communicate well with the audience or the managers who can take your idea forward or invest more in what you have to offer.

An ex-engineer of Microsoft added his following opinion on the vital need for writing.

I would advise folks in software to do one thing, and that’s write. Learn how to write … It’s actually useful. You need to know how to express yourself. And it’s really tough for a lot of engineers to step up and do public speaking… Once you create a successful piece of software, you’re probably going to be writing English as much as you’re going to be writing Java or Objective C. I’ve created multiple pieces of software at DocuSign that went viral, and people liked them and wanted to use more of them. And I probably wrote 10 times the documentation and explanation, and answered questions in paragraph form.

Sounds familiar? If it does, you need to invest in both your writing and coding skills.

Communication has always been the most important part in any job. With coding jobs on the rise, it is high time for coders to learn basic grammar and start framing ideas into words. Those who are capable of transmitting their ideas have higher chances of getting a performance bonus or a pay hike.



Leadership also requires clear communication of ideas. It imbues synergy and creates an ecosystem where transparency is increased.

For me, writing has always been on the charts. It became the reality when I started writing for few clients and now it is a full-time job that I just love to do. On the side track, I am learning how to code and become a professional programmer.

Coding requires practice and it would take some time before I can call myself a programmer or developer. The good news is that I have a computer science master’s degree. The basics are clear, the only thing that is needed is getting in some practice.

Technical writing, on the other hand, is clearly on the rise. There is no software in the market that doesn’t offer documentation. Without documentation, the software is useless, until and unless you are the only user. With this in mind, I would recommend anyone to learn how to write.

Clearing  Your Thoughts

Writing has other benefits as well, it clears your mind from the ambiguity, makes ideas better, and make you a better thinker. Writing is the perfect tool for thinking. There would be radical changes in your writing

Start Writing

I hope, you get the point. It is high time for you to start writing. Just like coding, writing takes time to master or excel at. Take online courses for writing if you really want to get hold of your skills. EdX and Coursera offer a good number of English courses for beginners. You need to check their website and go through the courses to see which course fits the bill.

The biggest battle is to get started. Once you have started, you are already on the path of being a good writer as well as a good coder.

Let me know through the comment section on how you are going to approach writing. Also, make sure to share the article with your fellow coders so that they can improve as well.

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