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Kindle PaperWhite 3G Review: Wonderful Device for Travellers

Kindle Paperwhite 3G is the latest offering from Kindle. Today, we find out what makes it tick and tock beyond the current buzz about the device in the market. Book lovers will surely love Kindle Paperwhite 3G review.

While most avid book readers, like myself, prefer the feeling of holding an actual book in our hands, we simply cannot ignore the advent of new technology that allows us to do so much more. If you don’t like carrying the extra weight on your shoulders, or you’re a traveler who is constantly on the move, the new generation of Kindles is assured to deliver to your needs. Let’s move on to the Kindle Paperwhite 3G review.

Kindle Paperwhite 3G Review

Today, we review the new ‘Kindle Paperwhite 3G’, the latest in offering from the makers of Kindle 2G. If you have accidentally stumbled upon this article, or looking for a honest review that would help you to eventually jump in on the bandwagon, we have just the right kind of information for you.

Even though this device does not boast of the capabilities of Fire tablets, the Kindle Paperwhite 3G is an affordable dedicated e-book reader that is best in its class and offers multitude of features for its price.

Feature and Specification

Weighing at just only 215 grams, the Kindle is a pocket light device that features a Size 6.7”x4.6”x0.36 screen, a 212 ppi display, crisp image quality along with fantastic resolution. Contrary to the features in other Kindle readers where the light shines from the back of the screen and straight to your eyes, the screen of the Kindle 3G is front lit, which means that the LED lights illuminate the words on the screen making them visible without directly going into your eyes. This feature allows you to read without any eye fatigue for hours on end.

Display and Content

The white screen and black text is also another bonus that provides great contrast, making your favorite book even more delightful to read. This device is exclusively made for reading books, newspapers and magazines. While the inability to read comics or audio books leave us with wanting for something more, the built-in web browser and free 3G data inside continental U.S. allows you the option to purchase 1000s of books through its e-book store wherever you want, whenever you want.

Weight and Battery

The Kindle 3G is extremely portable owing to its weight of less than half a pound, and a very useful utility owing to its 56 day battery life, which by far, is the highest battery life in offering. Recharging the battery from zero to full would take around 4 hours. A lot less, if you decide to invest in a Kindle charger available at various price ranges in Amazon.


Some other essential features are the ability to connect to Wi-Fi, multiple language navigation, parental control and a nifty tool known as Smart Lookup that lets you select any word and look it up on the dictionary or on Wikipedia, without leaving the page you are reading.

Overall the Kindle 3G is a significant upgrade over its predecessor. Though it lacks any stand-out feature that would easily convince any existing Paper White owner to upgrade, it really does have enough to offer to first-time users.


Kindle Paperwhite 3G performs well, lasts long and is a good buy for new users. Apart, from that the new iteration doesn’t bring anything convincing on the table. Users looking for something new and distinctive would be disappointed. If you are already an owner of the Kindle product, feel free to skip the Kindle Paper White 3G. For others, the Kindle Paper White 3G is worth the try. You won’t be disappointed.

Kindle Paper White 3G Review
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Kindle products are here to stay. The product line is evolving and with Kindle Paper White 3G, they are going the right way.

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