Livecoding.tv: Become A Better Programmer Now!

Recently, I am busy streaming my coding experience online.

For many of you, watching other code live can be a new experience. Others who are on the internet for an extended period, already know that there are other platforms online that let you do the same.

The new platform that I am going to discuss today is Livecoding.tv. I have already spent more than 9 hours coding on the platform. And, I am trying to get a grip on my programming skills again for the nth time, and I hope I succeed this time for sure!


So what is this Livecoding.tv?

Livecoding.tv is a platform where professional coders broadcast their software development live. Engineers usually find professional peers and viewers can look at live performances, videos, and topics based playlists to learn and sharpen their programming skills and expertise.

Stats in a nutshell: About 220,000 registered coders are working in 266 programming languages that you can watch, chat live and share code with. They have users from 194 countries which mean an opportunity to meet many local programmers too. It is a programming related community driven by engineers all around the world.

Some Features to Look Out For!

  • Live Streams, Videos, and Playlists: You can watch live broadcasts that relate to you or look up for future live broadcasts to take place on the schedule. To relevant streams, you can enter keyword tags like programming language’s name. You can determine the difficulty of those live broadcast by choosing between “Beginner,” “Intermediate”, and “Expert.”  Currently, 21000 projects had already been developed on Livecoding.tv1-main-page
  • Find Peers and Friends: You can find great friends. There’s nothing like finding a like-minded buddy, someone who does and loves what you do. The platform offers a User Discovery Engine where you can find engineers based on your preferences.2-user-discovery-engine
  • Find Relevant Projects: You can find projects that suit your skill level and the appropriate programming language you’re interested in.livecodingtv
  • Programming Category Resource in One Place: Livecoding.tv is a great learning place. Apart from learning, you can also take advantage of an in-depth resource information for 266 programming languages. You can get all broadcast content for a particular programming language based on your skill level, learning resources like books, tools, history/introduction, and much more. You can also look at official community support, conferences for that category, etc. For example, check out the Ruby content page4-content-pages

My Personal Views

In the beginning, I was skeptical about the platform. But, the new v2.5 part 1 update ensured that the platform is growing, and there is something for everyone including ways for monetizing content for broadcasters.

Livecoding.tv to the rescue: Learning to code is tough. It requires patience, hard work, and tons of practice. For a beginner, it is easy to get started with coding as there are tons of content to learn from.

The real struggle begins after the intermediate level. This is the time where people struggle to get a proper grip about coding or development in general. Resources become scarce, and the whole idea of becoming a professional programmer is a soul crushing experience.

To make sure that you don’t feel that way and is always reminded of the difficulty by watching veteran programmers struggle. Not only that you can learn from them and also put yourself in a better place. For me, the platform is all about providing other coders the ability to see real development.Knowing the theory is important, but practical exposure can quickly help anyone master their programming skill.

What the platform shines in?

  • Supports HTML5 streaming. To take full advantage of the HTML5 streaming, you need to disable Adobe Flash. And, you should probably remove Flash for a better future.
  • A great user-design for easy navigation.
  • Scope for growth, both as a broadcaster and a viewer.
  • Excellent for finding freelancers through the platform using Job board and Recruiter engine.

What distinguishes Livecoding.tv to YouTube and Twitch?

If you are already broadcasting live coding on the internet, you already know about the two major platforms that coders use, i.e., YouTube and Twitch. Both are excellent platforms in their terms, but they lack the cohesiveness and the ability to provide a unique experience for only one thing, i.e., coding. With only one focus, Livecoding.tv is better compared to the other two platforms and has grown rapidly in last one year.


I found it to be an excellent platform for learning sharing coding experience. They have a lot of information and utility to connect with other programmers and share your coding skills live to the world which is a critical feature for all kinds of programmers who have the talent but need a place to show to the world what kind of projects can they develop.

I recommend all programmers go there and have a look yourself. See if you can find sharpen your programming skills, make buddies, or show off to the world your awesome coding capabilities!

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