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8 New Technologies that will change the future (2015)

New Technologies emerge and die on the daily purpose. The age of advancement is speedy and carries the urge to become the beast of the future. Today, we go through top 8 new technologies of 2015 that will have an impact in the near future.

New Technology is the new nemesis and also a savior. Because of new technologies, there are tons of lives saved on one side and tons and also lost due to technology based war. Also, cyber wars are creating a lot of chaos, because of the monetary effect and information theft it carries with it.

The new reality lies in the future, the robots around you, the self-driving car and the Internet of Things can completely change how our society functions. The study of the society and technology is a completely different topic and I will revisit that topic later, but now let’s find out the new technology of 2015 and beyond that will make our future a glorious one.

1. Internet of Things

new technologies
Image Source: Google

Internet of things is an interesting approach for finding a connection between devices around us. To find

The golden rule is home automation and the world is moving towards the automation, there is no doubt that many scientists and research organization are coming forward to solve the problem of home automation. The funding is also on the flow as big players on the market are investing on a regular basis to make it happen. This new technology can revolutionize how we live and perceive our surroundings.

The idea of automation for house is currently parted into two sides; the whole home automation and the individual smart household products. The later is easier to approach and with time, things can change preety fast.

Building a completely new automated house is a different story altogether and it will require time and money.

The New ARA project seems to be in the limelight for creating usable mobile parts and the IoT can be seen as the bigger picture where household products are the parts and parcel of the fully automated house.

2. Driverless Car will rule the streets

Audi car
Image Source: Google

Automated House, check. Now, comes the part of automated cars that will be controlled by AI and will be completely automated. The benefits are impressive as crashes will decrease drastically and errors will be alienated because there will be no human being driving the car. The whole project of Automated cars was started in 2005 by Google and Sebastian Thrun from Google(now CEO of Udacity), made extraordinary advancement in this field.

The trend as similar to IoT will continue with small changes and cards will be augmented with more items one by one, bringing the final piece as one outstanding automation.

With players like Synaptics and EndPoint Technologies, the changes will happen faster. Synaptics is moving forward to replace the dull dashboard with a human touch interface that will improve the complete internal workings of the car. They are also working on the augmentation the security of the car with fingerprint scanning, similar to Android fingerprint scanner.

Completely revolutionizing the car riding experience with this new technology products that will make the car feel like home.

There are many legal hurdles before the self-driving cars will make it to the roads. Questions such as, “Who is responsible for the accident after the car crashes? The owner, or the company that made the car or the company that made the software.

The only thing we can do right now is to wait and watch.

3. Wearables

new technologies

There is no doubt in my mind that the jewelry will be replaced by the wearable of the 21st century. I might be slightly optimistic, but the current trends are showing the path forward. Also, the geeks will transcend faster to the change than others. Overall, the whole scenario is hard to solve and there is more to the story. Let’s wait and watch.

The whole idea started from the Google Glass 2012, which is now going a complete redesign that is another try by the Gaint Google to find a way to make it work among the masses. The redesign news came after Google went forward and released the news of completely abandoning the Google Glass project.

Other companies that are running high on wearables are Apple and FitBit. Apple is looking optimistic for their upcoming Apple Watch, but the sales figures of Samsung’s Galaxy Gear can bring the whole optimism down.

New Technologies always have the dual effect.

4. Virtual Reality

new technologies

Virtual Reality can change the way we feel our surrounding. The Idea behind virtual reality to send you into a different world through the eyes of technology. The more you escape from the real reality, the more chances that you will enjoy the virtual reality.

Products such as Oculus Rift and Google CardBoard can change the way we perceive the reality around us. The Oculus Rift has the most potential and it can change how we live in the current world. Also, learning and research can take new directions. After all, we all learn from our own experience.

Microsoft Hololens is also an amazing project by Microsoft that improves the field of virtual reality.

5. Robots and Drones

new technologies

Automation is taking the world in a storm, its only time that can tell whether it will benefit the mankind or not. Robots, for example, can see more activity in 2015 with companies such as Amazon is trying to use drones for delivery services in the US.

The laws around the robots and drones usage are strict and with signs of relaxation in the laws using drones and robots, things can change pretty fast.

In India, many start-ups are trying to leverage the new area of drones and robots, especially the AI sector.

On the other sides, Robots might become a member of the family, but it can still mean 5-10 years from now. The robots are increasing in capacity and now can capture emotions and behave like humans on most occasions.

In short, the difference between robots and humans are becoming less.

6. Augmented Reality

new technologies

Augmentation of the environment is a cool new technology and we have already seen how it can impact our lives, at least in movies and video games for now. The prime example of augmented reality is Google Glass and many other big companies are taking interest in this idea.

Different kinds of apps are also being released by developers all over the world and there are chances that Augmented Reality can bring more jobs to the developers. Sony on the other hand is also trying to cash in the open market. But, there is still a long way to go before we can really accept augmentation in our daily lives.

7. Mobile

new technologies

Mobile Industry is on the verge of another boom in their growth and the trends suggest that mobile will keep growing in 2015. The new king is mobile and customers are going to benefit from the mobile growth.

Most of the websites get traffic from the mobile device. Also, there is an increase in mobile payments over the past year or so. If your website is not responsive than you can loose a lot of customers and eventually money.

Enterprise apps will gain more momentum and can dominate the market as more and more employee want to access data on the move.

8. 3D – Printing

new technologies

3D Printing holds a lot of promises in 2015. Recent news of a Chinese company building a full-blown house using 3D Printing speaks volume about the capacity of 3D-Priting and its impacts on our society in the upcoming year.

Another achievement is the creation of a socket wrench in space using a zero-gravity 3D printer. Also, medical equipments such as leg sockets, hands etc. are also making life easier for amputated people.

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