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The Sex.How domain is gone, Time to grab your own .how domain now!

There is no reason to panic, as things are going the right way. Google, recently introduced their new domain known as “.how” that describes the sites that teach us on how to do a certain task.

The introduction of the .how domain can be new doors for the internet users, as there are already tons of website that cater around the idea of creating something useful for others and represent it in a certain way of “how-to”, then any other type of writing style.

So, you know kung-fu, guitar, piano? You can teach the whole world by getting the domain of your choice before anyone grabs it.

What are you waiting for? Go get your domain from here. Currently, only Google is the acting as the main registrar for this special kind of domain.

Fiddling with the How-To Domain Search

New Things always bring the curiosity in me, and that’s why I tried some of the popular domain names that might interest me(or the selfish gene who is cleverly thinking of getting hold of a premium name that can be sold later for more bucks).

The first few names that I tried and were not available are as below:

1. It’s gone! I wish I had the chance to grab the domain.(NOT!)

2. This too gone. Python community should be happy with this incident anyway, so I am not regretting this.

3. Well, Sex is always the hot topic and Who doesn’t love sex? So, I tried to search the domain, only to find out that it is gone too.(GodDamn that maggot, who stole my dream domain name).

Domain Names that are currently available.

1. I hope in peace that someone buys this domain fast and starts a site to make the whole world a peaceful place. In the current generation, where cyber attacks are more common than missile attacks, there should be online lessons for improving the privacy of the online users, who should learn more about online privacy and decrease their digital footprints.

2. An interesting .how domain name for sure. But, I am still figuring out how someone can use this domain name. The only thing that comes to my mind is to teach how to act as people and not world eating zombies, destroying mother nature in the name of the development.

3. We love cats, the way we love sex. I wish, that a cat buys the .how domain and starts their world domination.

4. Clearly, someone should buy this .how domain and tell the whole world on how to print out edible chocolates from our printers.

5. The question that everyone wants to be answered right now!

6. Do you even understand the question?

and many more.

Some available domains such as, are premium .how domains and you might have to pay a hefty price.

I wish I had an infinite amount of dollars in my account so that I can purchase some of the premium domains. But, for now, liking and sharing the post will give me motivation for writing more on this blog.

Tell us what domain you want to register and the reasons behind it by commenting below.

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