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13 Best Tools For Writers 2015-2016

Writers Tools enhances our daily workload and makes us more efficient.

It is true in all the profession and not only writers. Writers, on the other hand, have many things to take care of during their writing period.

It doesn’t matter if you are a technology writer, a novel writer or a journalist, they all share common problems.

And, that’s why we are going to list the best Tools for Writers. All the tools improve one or more aspect of the writing process and help the writer to keep up with the deadlines and other creative aspects.

If you are like me and procrastinate to the last minute, the tools will help you stay at the top of your game. If you still feel that none of the tools helped you, use the comment section below and share your views, so that the community can help you find the tool.

The tools can be used by anyone. You can be a beginner, a veteran or somewhat in between. It doesn’t matter. All that matter is your eagerness to use these tools in your daily work.

Without much delay, let’s get started with the writer tools.

Useful Tools for Writers 2016



Writefull is an excellent tool for beginner and veterans alike. Writefull helps you to write unique content, and it does so with the assistance of the language database.

The search is automated, and you don’t need to any manual work. You can also compare two chunks of phrases and see how often they appear in the search.

You can also find word context and check Wikipedia database of a selected text.

Furthermore, the tool helps you to find synonyms for more diversified writing.

Currently, the app is available only for MAC. The windows app is scheduled for release in future.



Hemingway is one of my favorite apps. It is currently available for Windows and Mac.

The tool helps you to simplify your writing for more users. No one loves complicated writing. If your writing is easy to read and understand, the user will stick to your website. Also, many users on the internet are not capable of reading complex sentences.

The tool will let you know about the sentences that are hard to read. It also tries to tell you about the sentences that are very hard to read. Furthermore, it tells you about phase for which easier alternatives can be used. It also keeps a tab on passive voice usage.

Overall, the app is perfect for your blogging and writing career.

Grammarly Chrome App


Grammarly is my day-to-day companion. It offers advanced techniques to fix your writing from any errors and also make sure that you bring the best to the table for your readers.

With over 250+ grammar check, you are for a treat. The main reason I prefer this app is because it runs great in Chrome or other browsers. The chrome app will scan your writing every time you chip in some words and will tell you if there is any error or not.

But, I would suggest writers to keep it off during first draft creation. It will make sure that they are not slowed by lasting red marks on their writing, and the flow will not be destroyed.



Reedsy is not your typical common tool. It is a platform which can be used by writers to connect with potential marketers and designer. With growing competition, it is necessary for anyone to stay at the top of their game.

Reedsy provides the platform and brings the best for the writers. Now, you can publish quickly and start working without a hitch.



BlankPage is a perfect tool for the professional writer. The service is not free, and you need to pay anywhere between $5 to $100 for the services.

The good news is that it provides the necessary tools for starting and finishing your novel. The interface is clean and distraction-free, and when I say distraction, you know what I mean to say.

Writing is never an easy task and novel creation is on an entirely different horizon altogether.

The tool will help you write daily and complete your novel at the right time.



Evernote is an excellent tool. It is a digital notebook, and you can create as many notebooks as you can. With the tool, you can stay at the top of your game with collaboration, collection, and other tools.

You can also create a presentation for your meetings and keep all the information in one place.

I have frequently used Evernote and found it useful for any writer or researcher. Even if you are not a professional writer, the tool is just too good to ignore.

Cliche Finder


Many writers think that using cliches can help them engage readers much better. But, that’s not the truth. Cliches put the readers off-target.

To make sure that your writing is without any cliches, you can either proofread all your text or just use this simple tool. The tool highlights the cliches and makes it easy for you to keep your text cliche free.



We all know how distraction can ruin our day. The more we are distracted, the less productive we become. If you are easily distracted from other applications or social media sites, then ZenWriter is for you.

The app comes for just $10 and offers a great writing place. It covers the whole screen and let you focus on the writing. Focused writing improves quality, and the task can be completed fast.



If you take your writing seriously, you should use a thesaurus. The thesaurus site provides you with the synonyms, antonyms, and definitions. With these, you can improve your writing and help you develop a sense of improvement over time.

Keep this beast beside you and you can improve slowly and in the right direction.



If you ever run out of ideas, don’t forget just to open up Quora and search around. You will be glad to find more than one idea for your blog post.

In simple words, Quora is a gold mine ready to be explored by bloggers and writers alike. I like Quora and how it has tons of knowledge/information about any topic you can think off.



Dropbox is one of the premier cloud service providers. If you are a writer, it is always a good idea to save your work online.

This way, you will not lose your work in any circumstances.

Another good alternative is Google drive. I use Google drive and Dropbox simultaneously and make sure that all my work is kept safe.



WordPress is a blogging platform. And, if you ask me how it made to the list, the reason is simple. It lets your ideas flow to the readers and keep you motivated.Writers want to be heard. They wish to change the society for the greater good, and if you ask me the weather, you need to utilize the platform for your exposure, the answer would be an astounding, yes.

Writers want to be heard. They want to change the society. With WordPress, creating a blog is super easy.



I love contently. First, if you are running an organization/website and need to collaborate, contently can help you gain the upper hand by automating a lot of stuff.

On the other hand, if you are an individual writer, you might want to use the platform to create a top-notch portfolio, showcasing your best works.

There have been times when I need to copy paste my work in the next proposal, but with the portfolio, it just becomes super easy.

Check out my portfolio here.

What’s next?

There are many apps that you can use for your writing purpose.

I tried to keep the list simple and useful, and that’s why I left a few of the writing tools.

If you think that I missed an awesome writing tool, don’t forget to use the comment section below.

Also, share the love by sharing the post on your social media platforms.

This will keep me motivated and write more that benefits the online community.

This ends the article for best tools for writers.

3 thoughts on “13 Best Tools For Writers 2015-2016”

  1. Hey Nitish!
    Nice bunch of writing tools! Some of them I’m using, some (like Reedsy) are new for me.

    Anyway, you missed Unplag plagiarism checker and Trello organizer.

    First is awesome tool to check your writing (no matter in what format, as it supports all the most popular formats) against the Internet to be sure that your text is original and doesn’t consist any unwitting plagiarism. The second is a tool that helps to organize your projects and setting up your goals. Useful while you’re writing several articles simultaneously or you’re working on a few different projects at the same time.

  2. Here are three you might not know about:

    One Stop For Writers ( Powerful Description Library + Unique Resources and Tools)
    Brain FM (Optimizes productivity via specialized brainwave music tailored to the user)
    Sound Fuel (Themed Music By Mood, Built for Writers)

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