Top 12 Sublime Text Plugins

Sublime Text is one of the leading text editors, and recently, we went forward and reviewed Sublime Text. With the review done, it’s now time to find out the best Sublime Text packages/ plugins.

One of the reasons, why sublime text editor is popular among the programming community is the support of hundreds and thousands of plugins that further enhances the functionality of Sublime Text.

The need for plugins is quite obvious as they improve the working environment of the programmer and improving their productivity. The ecosystem surrounding Sublime text brings out the best out from the text editor, and it is quite apparent that most of its success is dependent on the plugins that are released by independent developers.

The success of the core platform through its ecosystem is nothing new. The prime example is WordPress and its ecosystem that offers hundreds and thousands of themes, plugins, tutorials and work-related opportunities.


Before, we continue to the list of the most amazing Sublime Text Plugins you should get a better familiarity with Sublime Text if you haven’t used it. To help you out, here is the Sublime Text editor 2 Review.

Now without further ado, here are top 12 plugins for your Sublime Text Editor:

Package Control

We have just discussed how beneficial it is to have plugins installed with your text editor. But don’t worry if you overdo it because, with the Package Control plugin, you will be able to manage all your packages and plugins with ease. It lets you install, upgrade, remove or view the packages/plugins installed in your sublime text editor.



A functionality enhancement should also enhance our own productivity and Emmet does that. It helps to write HTML and CSS code faster with the help of shortcuts and abbreviations which it then expands in their valid HTML tags counterpart.



Remembering all color codes for your text editor is an impossibility. And checking the internet to find the appropriate color code while working on your HTML can be a cumbersome and irritating task.  

Just for this scenario, ColorPicker will seem like Godsend as it allows you to quickly select and add colors to Sublime Text right from the native color wheel.



Ever wanted to write some Git commands from your text editor? With the Git Plugin integrated into your Sublime Text, you can do just that. All the functions like Adding and Committing Files or Viewing Logs and even Annotating Files can be handled with ease.



Shortcuts and one click access are always welcome. With the Terminal plugin, you can open project folders in the Terminal directly from Sublime Text with the help of a hotkey.

This comes to of very help as often you may want to execute command lines in the given folder.



Wouldn’t it be great if we could just relax and let the computers write all the code for us? Well, technology isn’t that advanced yet but it is on its way. With the default autocompletion functionality of Sublime Text, only the words present in the same file is considered.

Now if you install AllAutoComplete plugin, then it will search all open files to give you suggestions while finding matches.



Readability is a huge part of proper coding. Everything you write should be readable by the computer as well as humans.

With the Alignment plugin, all your codes including those written in PHP, JavaScript and CSS are aligned in order to make it more neat and clean. A trivial functionality, but useful nevertheless.



Isn’t it often that we just type something, hit the spacebar, ponder on for a while then start to write again by smashing the space bar once more. Redundant spaces in your code can make it look unaligned or even cause problems in your JavaScript.

Trimmer plugin takes care of this issue by removing unnecessary spaces as well as trailing spaces.



We all know the value of a properly documented code. With the DocBlockr plugin, you can efficiently create documentations and annotations for your code very quickly, just by parsing the functions, parameters, and variable followed by automatically adding some documentations.


Additional Syntax Support

It is great coding with Sublime Text as it conveniently highlights all the proper syntax. But if you code in languages that are not supported by the text editor then this highlighting function will not be available.

This can be mended with the Additional Syntax Support plugin which includes support for LESS, Sass, SCSS, Stylus and jade so even if you are working in any one of these languages, you’re going to get proper syntax support.



The ability to write codes faster by reusing code pieces can be a good thing if you want to accomplish something fast but bad if it hinders your work follow (you have to divert your mind to select a ‘snippet’ of your pre-written code).

If you want the functionality to reuse your code, then using Snippets is a viable option. You can create your own set of code ‘snippets’ or just use some of their prebuilt packages.

Download : (Foundation, Bootstrap 3, jQuery Module, HTML5 Boilerplate)


SublimeLinter is available for Sublime Text 2 but has recently received an upgrade to add support for Sublime text 3. The previous iteration had all the linters in one package but with the new one you can select and install only the ones you most often use.

Apart from this, you also get some more functionalities that you will like.



This is just a short list of the different plugins available for Sublime Text editor. There are plenty more available other than the ones mentioned providing features which might increase your productivity. It all actually comes down to what is our necessity and working style.

The ones mentioned are some of the most popular ones and proved to make you more productive at your work. If your favorite plugin is missed, then do mention them in the comments and thereby expand the potential of this list. And you if used any one of these plugins then tell us your experience. We are waiting for you in the comments.

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