Top 7 Mobile App Ideas That Uses Machine Learning

Top 7 Mobile App Ideas That Uses Machine Learning

Machine Learning is one of the hottest topics of our current generation. And when you combine ML functionalities with mobile phones, it can revolutionize the entire user experience. Now for the purpose of this read, we will be looking into 10 awesome mobile app ideas that use machine learning. So without further ado, let’s get started:

Machine Learning Based Mobile App Ideas for 2019

Now, as we all know, Machine Learning has already made its indent in the mobile phone industry for quite a while now. Smartphone manufacturers use it for image processing, bettering your battery life, and so on.

But here, we will be looking into some machine learning mobile app ideas that have potential but is yet to become mainstream.

Image Editing Apps

Although there are many AI-powered image editing mobile apps, this market is yet to be fully realized and saturated. Apps in this category can potentially help users to enhance their pictures, and also tweak/edit them in any way they like.

Some examples include changing the background such that the subject truly appears to be in that location. This also includes producing professional-grade results in a “one-click” solution.

Finance Apps

Manually entering your expenses and income into an application can be extremely cumbersome. An ML-powered finance app can automatically analyze the transaction statements that come into your mobile, via SMS, or emails. Besides this, the app would also be able to see the due dates of upcoming bills and send you reminders.

Now, of course, you will also be able to input data manually as well for cash-based transactions. Together all these functionalities will become an excellent tool for your budgeting needs and help you better manage your funds.

Digital Detox Apps

The rate at which we are becoming more and more involved in our digital lives is quite alarming. Not only does it affect our overall health, but it creates a disconnect with nature. With digital detox applications, you can monitor how you are using your phone and the apps on it – are you being productive, or simply wasting your time?

Also, the recommended amount of spending times on mobile phones is around 2 hours. The app can be set to ‘warn you’, or even ‘restrict usage,’ if you have surpassed this time limit.

Healthcare Apps

Remember the time you had some gas and WebMD diagnosed you with stomach cancer? Well, that will be a thing of the past with ML-powered healthcare application. Essentially, these apps will analyze the symptoms you are experiencing and suggest the most likely cause along with personalized home treatment options.

Such apps might become the first-aid measures for the foreseeable future. These apps can also collect and store health-related data which then can be shown to a health care professional for a proper assessment.

Job Listing Apps

You might not even know what type of jobs are out there that are willing to pay for your specific skill set. Currently, every job listing application will let your browser or search for specific jobs based on the keywords you type in. But imagine an application that assesses your skill set, and then searches out jobs that require your specialties. It will offer a cool way to take the unconventional route with your career.

Journaling Apps

Machine learning can be used to understand different accents and the way people speak. This can then be used to perfect text to speech functionalities to create a powerful journaling application.

With the app, all you have to speak out your thoughts and it will get converted to text, digitized, and stored in your digital journal. This will definitely become the future of taking notes and jotting down(sorry speaking) ideas.

Habit Maker Apps

Instead of Habit Trackers, we desperately need a habit maker application. All you have to do is tell the application what habit you want to develop. Let’s consider book reading as an example. After you have entered the habit, the app will start to analyze when you are free and browse social media apps casually. It will then start recommending you beginner-friendly books during those times. Depending on whether or not you like the books, the app will start to personalize the recommendation and help you turn into an avid reader.

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