Top Tools & Resources That Will Help You To Blog Joyfully

Blogging is a useful outlet for any writer. However, it has also become an imperative part of any businesses online marketing strategy. Blogs are no longer only an online personal journal. They have become a standard form of communication for everyone.

Blogging Statistics from Worldometers gives 1.13 million blog posts per day (as of March 2015). Blogs have taken over the Internet and how we connect as global citizens. And with so much information comes the need for successful bloggers to keep up the pace and maintain the quality of all content.

The tech world seems to be producing new tools and resources for bloggers every year. The ones listed here are some of the best reviewed in writing, infographics, editing and proofreading sources. And each can help turn your blogging blocks and frustrations into a supported and joyful blogging experience.

Top Blogging Tools and Resources


Hemingway – The Hemingway online (and free) editor is an essential tool that all blog writers and online content creators should be using. The app clearly highlights issues and provides suggested corrections, as well as an overall readability score. The editor focuses on illuminating hard to read or run-on sentences, and just like Hemingway himself, will help writers to convey profound ideas with few words. – This online service is composed of qualified professionals who can provide writing support, structure advice, article outlines and more. Their free essay writing guide and blog are full of inspiration and guidance. And they work within tight deadlines, making them convenient for even the busiest of bloggers.


Easel.lyThis online community is a great way to discover and share infographic ideas. Sign-up is free and users can choose from various beginning templates. They can also view the site’s blog full of advice and motivation, and access to 2 million graphic examples from over 900,000 users. – Piktochart is easy to use platform that guides users through creating unique and visually appealing infographics, charts and presentations. The site offers templates for starting off points and great customization tools as well. Users can quickly share their creations on the web, as an online presentation or even download and print in a range of different resolutions.


Help.Plagtracker – It can be difficult always to reference research properly. And sometimes it can be tough finding new ways to convey perspective. These are important areas of concern for any online writer. Publishing someone else’s work can your reputation and career. However, with consistent use of Plagtracker’s unique checking algorithm scan, you can be confident that all published pages are 100% original. – The Ginger software is a writer’s best friend. The desktop and mobile app are designed to help users write more efficiently. The proofreader provides real-time, live corrections and covers grammar, sentence structure, vocabulary and translations. And, it offers plenty of customization tools that allow users to curate the writing experience.

No matter where your blogging weaknesses are, there is likely an online tool that can help relieve some of your stress. Whether you seek a more intelligent proofreader or want to create new and original infographics, you don’t have to do it alone. There is easy to access assistance right at your fingertips.

Technology and the web are providing endless opportunities for blogging growth. And they are making the experience work that can be enjoyable. Imagine a life doing what you love and doing it with a smile on your face.

This is now possible with the help of tools like the ones listed above. There are communities of support and guidance if you feel overwhelmed. So try one these tools today. And stay motivated to make every blogging day a joyful one. Your blog, your brain and your stress levels will thank you.

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