Vivaldi Browser, The New Entrant in Web Browser Market

The war of web browser continues with the release of Vivaldi browser by the former CEO of Opera. The current web market is yet to absorb the news of the latest browser Sparta announced from Microsoft and now Vivaldi browser has the browser market more exciting and full of oppurtunities.

Vivaldi Opera Browser

According to the ex-CEO of Opera, there is enough room for the new entrants as the web browsers of the current generation can still see the light of improvement.

Download Vivaldi Web Browser from here. The website went live yesterday and the technical preview is up for grabs!

The philosophy behind Vivaldi Web Browser is to produce world-class browser that performs fast and at the same time hosts an array of functionality for their users.

The main site reads as follows:

We must make a new browser. A browser for ourselves and a browser for our friends. A browser that is fast, but also a browser that is rich in functionality, highly flexible and puts the user first. A browser that is made for you.

Vivaldi features include colorful tab to match the dominant color of the website. I tried the popular website TheNextWeb and my site, both sites showing the dominant color, red and blue respectively. Another important feature of the Vivaldi browser is the ability to take notes as you browse. This significant feature can help tons of users to take instant notes without navigation away from the browser.

vivaldi feature vivaldi browser colorful tabs


The colorful tab will surely add more value to the already promising web browser. Colorful tabs can also prove to vital in changing tabs as brains recognize colors better than text. For marketers and online earners, the web browser can open more options as brand color association will become easy and effective.

The Vivaldi browser sports a sleek left sidebar that offers options to show bookmarks, Vivaldi Mail(part of the later builds), Contacts, Downloads, and Notes. The sidebar is unique and offers a great User Experience.

The notes can be accompanied with the screenshot that further adds value to the instant noting. The engine used in the browser is the popular Chromium Rendering Engine(Blink) that is used in Chrome. Other technologies used in building the Vivaldi browser are Node.js, React and more.

Vivaldi Web Browser
Speed Dial looks sleek and appealing.

The Speed Dial looks similar to what Chrome and Firefox offer but in a darker layout.

Power users will find the web browser fit their bill as it offers options such as ‘quick commands’ to go with. Quick Commands can bring more speed and offer better user experience for those who want to fiddle with what they see. The quick commands will let the user browse through the browser features in a jiffy such as going to history, bookmarking and many more.

Tab Stacks will also see the light of the day in the future builds. They offer stacking of tabs so that organization looks sleek and productive at the same time.

The current technical preview offers great options already, but the team at Vivaldi Corporation are looking to incorporate the following features in the upcoming releases.

The current technical preview is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Visit the official site for more information.

Want to give Vivaldi Browser some feedback? Check out the forums.

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