Why you need a VPN

Why you need a VPN in 2019?

VPN is everywhere. Almost every website you open, you are bombarded by VPN advertisement. So, does that mean you need a VPN? In this article, we will be focusing on why you need a VPN in 2019.

Before we dive deep into the reasons behind why you need a VPN, we first need to get a proper grasp of what is VPN and the way it works.

What is a VPN?

VPN stands for the virtual private network. It creates an encrypted tunnel between two parties so that no third party can access the data transmitted between the two parties. For example, if you have to connect to a remote server/site, VPN can enable you to keep all the interactions with that server without worrying about prying eyes. The VPN ensures that your and receiver identity are protected by masking those encryption using encryption algorithms.

The VPN server acts as a mediator where the data is routed to the said server. On top of that, HTTPS is used to ensure the connection is safe and is protected from any third-party malicious actors.

Why would you need a VPN?

With a clear understanding of VPN, we are now set to understand the need behind using a VPN. It offers protection from a lot of scenarios. Let’s look at them below.

Scenario 1: Credit Card/Banking Usage

We live in an era where it is common for people to utilize their online banking and credit cards when doing online purchasing on big merchants such as Amazon, NewEgg, Flipkart(if you are in India) easy and accessible. However, there is always a risk someone can access the information when you go online. Most of these websites come with their security, but it does have its limitations, especially if you are accessing the internet through an unprotected network or connection. As a user, you surely would never want your sensitive info such as login, password or credit card to transmit to a hacker.

Scenario 2: Accessing a blocked website

Each website works differently depending on the region from you are trying to access it. One of the most common use cases is how Netflix works. It has a different list of the catalog(TV and serial) depending on where you stay. If you are in the US, you are going to enjoy a wide range of TVs and serials. However, if you are in India, you may not have access to everything that Netflix US has to offer.

VPN can help gain access to these websites and more. The government is also known for blocking access to sites depending on multiple reasons. In that case, a VPN can come handy as it can route the request from a different server. VPN encrypts your identity and lets you access those websites.

Scenario 3: Hiding yourself against surveillance

Even though it is quite uncommon for anyone to get surveillance, you may be watched by authorities including the ISP and NSA. No one likes getting watched, and that’s where VPN comes in. VPN adds an extra layer of protection. However, if you are into the category of people who are watched by the government agencies, then you might need more than the VPN.

ISP, on the other hand, are known to keep your tracks as they benefit from the data generated by you. They sell the data to advertisers who can pitch you with their services.

Scenario 4: You want privacy

Privacy is one of the most significant topics on the internet. We already had privacy lapse from companies such as Facebook, Google, and others. Cambridge Analytica Scandal has put fresh questions when it comes to how these online websites handle the data. By using a VPN, you will ensure that you keep most of your data safe. However, there will be complications that must be known beforehand. Not all devices or services can use a VPN which makes it a partial solution. If you ever used a smart home device, you should that VPN doesn’t work on them, and that makes it hard for a consumer to find a one-stop solution. Nevertheless, if you want basic privacy and don’t want to share your browsing habits, then a VPN can certainly help.

You should use a VPN!

If you are worried about any one of the four scenarios mentioned above, then, you must use a VPN. All these scenarios hint at the severity of privacy in the online world. Some hackers or corporations are always keen on spying you and selling your data in the black market or the advertisers. In short, you are the only person responsible for your privacy, and the first step is to use a VPN.

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