Will you lose your Job To Automation in Future?

The urge to be secure is what makes us humans. But, technology doesn’t work that way. It is established fact that new technologies will come that can wash away jobs of millions of people around the world.

Artificial Intelligence and automation are the future of humankind and its race and the rate at which technology is evolving, the time is not far away when we will see machines roaming around us and impacting the way we feel and work around. The impact of machines on society is a debate that has to stop yet. But, one thing is clear. Automation is coming and no one can stop it.


Recently, the researchers have gathered and tried to simulate the state of the future with all the data currently available. After running through the charts and the percentages, one thing is clear that the simple jobs will be completely taken away by automation(machines). The rate of office and backend administrative work has the major hit with over 95% chances of being automated.

The least hit job sector is Architecture and Engineering and that’s quite understandable for now. On the charts of Arts, Entertainment, Technical Writers have taken a big hit. But, there is a good news for Writers and Author or even Editors as they have less than 5 % chances of being automated by machines.


The research has been done by researchers from Oxford Martin School and they have managed to answer the questions wondered by many.

The chances are calculated for the next 20 years. If you are in a job that has no creative work or brainstorming or solving complex problems, there are high chances that your job will go down the road.

So would you be worried now?

I don’t think so. They are only prediction and anything can happen in the future. But, it is always great for you to understand the chances that jobs can be thrown apart and many of us are bound to be jobless if new skills are not acquired on a timely basis.

Current jobs have no limits and require new skills to be acquired in timely manner. With complex demands of the current jobs and never ending roles, it would be wise for anyone to make time to learn new skills such as learning to code.

If you are deciding to learn to code, check our Top 11 programming languages to learn in 2015 and Mistakes beginner programmers make. The future needs programmers and it is always a good time to start now!

Source: NPR

Check more about the chances of automation for the job in the source link. Also, let us know in the comments on how your job is going to get impacted in the future because of automation.

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