Windows 10 features

Windows 10 features that you didn’t knew!

Windows 10 features are increasingly been accepted by the community. The new browser, new digital assistant are just of the few features that Windows 10 offers. Today, we take tour of some of the Windows 10 features.


Once again Microsoft is planning to radically refurbish its web browser in Windows 10. Windows 8 has not been a universal success. In many ways, a necessary step not well executed, Windows 8’s attempt to stitch together desktop and mobile has been way too radical to encourage new users.
The new browser, codename Spartan, will include a host of new Windows 10 features not found in other competing  browsers. First major features include that allows Windows 10 users to annotate a web page with a stylus and send the notes and annotations to a friend or colleague, definitely powered by the Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage.


This can’t get better. CORTANA, Microsoft’s digital assistant will be available on the upcoming Windows 10 browser. CORTANA will now be used to refurbish  information on daily needs like flights and hotel bookings even tracking your package along with other data within the traditional address bar. If  CORTANA  is to track a specific flight and to search for “Indian Airlines” in the browser address bar, it will automatically display tracked flights and allow Spartan users to view the status of the flight directly! The new Windows 10 OS has a new search button on the task bar , and on the top of that sits CORTANA .so the moment it gets triggered the search function starts  impeccably .You can type to CORTANA ,to remind you your to-do list or to search for content locally in apps or on the web just as you do it on your Windows Phone.

What else in Windows 10 features?

Other Windows 10 features predicts whole new way to rearrange the sloppy User Interface of former windows browsing tabs.Moreover grouping the tabs how you want to i.e. splitting up working tabs and personal tabs can be done in whole different fashion. CORTANA will eventually replace the Bing search functions integrated in previous the Internet Explorers.
Windows 10 looks and works a lot more like Windows 7 than it does Windows 8, and it will be a place where traditional and modern apps co-exist happily. The Start menu – shown below – returns and is customizable. It’s resizable and you can select what it displays.


MICROSOFT  announced that Spartan has been reformed to be a single browser across desktops, tablets and phones. We’re informed that Microsoft is planning to make SPARTAN the windows app store where the users can get the most easiest and significant updates on a single click. There will be still be Internet Explorer in windows 10 .
Microsoft’s new Windows 10 OS has a new search button on the taskbar, and CORTANA currently appears at the top of that search functionality once it’s triggered. Just like Windows Phone, you can type to CORTANA to ask it to remind you to do things, or to search for content locally in apps or on the web.

Windows 10: UK release date

Microsoft has stated that Windows 10 will launch “later in the year” in 2015, so we won’t get the April release we were hoping for. But it has also said that it will share more about “universal apps” at its annual Build conference next April. The technical preview license runs until April 15 2015, so expect more complete beta then.

Kevin Turner, Chief Operating Officer at Microsoft said: “By next late summer and early fall we’ll be able to bring out this particular OS (operating system). That’s the current plan of record,” according to Reuters.

The firm will announce more details on Windows 10 in the new year where it will “introduce the consumer chapter and talk much more about other device types and more consumer features.” We will wait for the features so that we can add more to the Windows 10 features list posted on TechAltiar.

Windows 10: UK price

Windows 10 will be free to end users. Probably. Almost certainly. And we’ll let you know here as we get confirmation.

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